The title says it all: get ready for tomorrow’s Mountain Lion release by updating to version 2.3.3, available now on the auto-updater. It’s also signed for Gatekeeper, so you can run it with the default security settings.

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After repeated issues with the previous support site, it was time for a change. Automatic’s support has now moved to Zendesk, which is probably the most popular customer service software.

The new site provides stronger separation between public discussions and private support tickets. There is a FAQ section that has already been populated with some popular questions, and there is also a Suggestions area where you can upvote features you’d like to see.

As always, you can still use the contact form or send email directly. Just remember that sending a log will get you a faster resolution!

Lastly, any ongoing discussions from the previous site should move over as private tickets. However, if you don’t get a reply over the next couple days, please don’t hesitate to submit a new request.

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After months of beta-testing, Automatic 2.3 is ready for primetime. It’s available to download on the site right now, and will be on the auto-updater in a few days. A big thank-you to everyone who tested it and provided invaluable feedback!

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Over the past year or so, I’ve received the occasional email asking about Automatic’s development status. Understandable, since only two minor updates were released in that period. The reason was simple: between serving my country and completing my dissertation, development was put on the back-burner – it was both a matter of time and focus.

I’m very happy to say that now, with the former over and the latter wrapping up, it’s time for Automatic to get some love. So, next week will see the release of a new beta, which will include the 2.3 version of the engine. Highlights include: resumable downloads, magnet link support, smart subscription refreshing, and more. It won’t have any of the front-facing changes, since the point is to test the considerable engine changes with as many different configurations and feeds as possible.

If you don’t already, you can follow @automaticapp to be notified when it’s available.

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I’m extremely pleased to announce that Automatic 2.0 will be released on April 19th! Development is rapidly wrapping up, with the help of some really amazing beta testers.

In regard to pricing, a single personal license (*) for Automatic 2.0 will cost $19.95, or the equivalent in local currency.

Also, as a thank you to everyone who supported Automatic over the years, all past donors will receive complimentary licenses for 2.0. So check your mail around April 19th!

(*) Personal means you can use a single license on as many computers as you want, provided they are owned and used primarily by you.

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