At some point I want to put together some App Store numbers, but until then, here’s something unexpected I noticed today: 96% of all pirated copies of Converted are from China.

The iPhone is not officially on sale in China, which means that probably close to 100% of Chinese iPhones are jailbroken, and so it makes sense that piracy would be widespread. But still, 96% is a huge percentage.

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 02:03. Filed under: Converted, iPhone

It seems Apple has finally made some much needed improvements to the review section of the App Store.

I just visited the store, and noticed that reviews now display the version they refer to. There is also link to just display reviews for the current version.

My favorite change, however, is that there is now a much bigger distinction between “ratings” and “reviews”. Up until now, a user could just rate an app with stars (either on the App Store, or via the misguided “rate after deletion” functionality) or write a full review, accompanied by a star rating. This led to situations where the reviews could all be 5-star, but the average rating of the app would be lower, because of the “invisible” ratings.

Next step: some tools to actually read reviews without trolling every single App Store, and a way to respond.

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