Two tips for iTunes 9, which was driving me absolutely crazy before I found the workarounds:

  • Option+clicking the little arrows next to albums no longer drills down to the album, but instead just shows the artist tracks, because the default column view (which is now vertical) only has “Artist” selected. Go to View -> Column Browser and select “Album” to get the old functionality back. I also recommend selecting “On Top”, unless you have loads of horizontal screen real-estate.
  • The green “Zoom” button on the main iTunes window now behaves just like any other OS X window – which is to say, it simply does something weird with the window size. Option+clicking will hide the window and display the mini player. Interestingly, the “Zoom” button still works the same way in the mini player as it did in iTunes 8.

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 23:35. Filed under: Mac OS X