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We are still sending text messages even today. They may have taken different formats now that there are internet-based applications. The original messaging app is still there, and we are still using it.

Why? Because it’s still one of the private avenues where one can communicate secretly. Does that pop up the need to intercept someone’s messages? If it involves your kid, then you may want to know what they are sending and receiving, and for that, you need the best text message interceptors.

Is your spouse or junior worker always on the phone typing? Knowing what is going on will allow you to be a step ahead towards problem-solving. So, check out the ten best text message interceptors that will never disappoint.

Part 1: Minspy Messages Interceptor – Instant and in Real-Time

Some apps will provide the message interception service for free, but it always comes at a cost. You either don’t get all the messages or a survey to be filled in return. In the worst-case scenario, you, your target, or both of you may end up getting hacked.

To avoid unwanted problems you need the best text message interceptors, and it’s good to invest in a reputable application such as Minspy. It’s one of the apps that people will stand with when viewing a phone’s information remotely.


Text messages are one of the applications here. It has already made millions of people prefer it in more than 190 countries. Minspy arrests both the sent and received messages from the culprit’s phone.

The contact details of those involved will be there and the timestamps too. If there are any attached files (like in MMS), Minspy will not leave anything. Now, the main question is, how do you get there?

Using Minspy to Intercept the Messages

You can use Minspy on both Android and iOS platforms to get the messages, among other things. There is no need to know what rooting and jailbreaking are here since those are unwanted practices. This is a solution armed with cutting-edge technologies.

That is why altering a phone is never an option here. As you set up Minspy on the targeted phone, there is a stealth mode to make sure that you are never discovered. It’s the feature responsible for hiding the app’s icon as it fetches the information.

Since there are no complicated processes, it will take you less than five minutes to start getting the messages. You will never need the target phone after the initial setup. There will be an online account showing you all the message results.

You only need an internet connection to view the results since the dashboard works with all browsers. The best part about using Minspy is that it will come as a whole package. That means you will also have a chance to intercept other phone activities. It is one of the best text message interceptors out there.

Qualities Shared by the Minspy Interceptor

  • It takes a few minutes to set it up.
  • No phone alteration whatsoever
  • All the messages and associated details will avail
  • Remote viewing of the information
  • No malware or personal favors in return for the messages interception
  • The results appear in your account in real-time.

Part 2: Spyier Messages Interceptor

Another application that you can use to get someone’s messages remotely is Spyier. It’s also a famous application that will get the texts in an online account after a quick setup. That is why you need it if you want to remain anonymous after the intercept.


Spyier works on both Android and iOS realms. For Android, there is a need for a one-time installation. For iOS, the iCloud ID will show you everything after feeding it on the website.

Part 3: Spyine Messages Interceptor

Spyine will also never be visible when you use it to get the messages. It uses the stealth mode to hide. Whether you are on Android or iOS, there will be no rooting or jailbreaking. That means the phone will always be the same.


The dashboard here works with all browsers too. That means you can log in anywhere to view what is happening if you have an internet connection.

Part 4: Intercept Messages with Spyic

You cannot miss the text results in real-time while away if you have Spyic by your side.  It’s an app that will intercept in Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. It has cutting-edge technologies too.


So, all the background work is done for you. The only thing left is to set it up on the targeted phone and head to your online account immediately.

Part 5: Intercept Messages with Neatspy

Neatspy also has a remote dashboard to show you the messages among other things. That is why we advocate for it if you don’t want the victim to know what is happening. As you get the information remotely, this solution never drains the phone’s battery.


Part 6: Intercept Messages with Cocospy

This was one of the first apps to intercept phone activities in less than five minutes. Once you have it on the targeted Android or iOS device, that will be all. You will get the messages, contacts, timestamps, and any attached files in your online account.

cocospy tool

Part 7: FoneMonitor

You can use FoneMonitor on both Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. There is no rooting or jailbreaking, and you will get the SMSs in your online account. It will always protect the information you get by syncing with the target phone during access.

Fone Monitor

Part 8: TeenSafe

Do you have a teenager or kid who is always on their phone as they hide? TeenSafe can tell you more when you use it on their phone. It will also capture other phone activities, especially in the social media docket.

That is why parents find it useful.

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Part 9: Spyzie

Spyzie will get the messages for you on both Android and iOS phones. It will also not allow any phone alteration before the setup, and that’s why it’s another favorite. For the messages, you will receive them remotely without the target phone.


Part 10: SafeSpy

Lastly, we have the SafeSpy solution to get the messages for you, among other things. It has a remote web portal to show the information there, and there are no complications during the setup. If you want to uninstall it, that can also be done remotely.



You now have ten working options to intercept messages anywhere within a few minutes. There is nothing on the table that will involve anything hard apart from understandable instructions.

Let us know which one is your favorite and how it worked when you used it for message interception.

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