10 Pro Tips for Call of Duty
10 Pro Tips for Call of Duty

Since its release in November 2020, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has gained universal accolades among gamers, fans, developers, designers, and critics equally. In its short time, it’s already shaping up to be one of the best warfare games for the FPS shooter franchise. With a few admirable new ingredients tossed into an already classic setup, Cold War took the genre to a new height making the multiplayer mode more ferocious than ever.

More weapon attachments, altering Scorestreaks, and a lot of new fun have been added to this classic battle game of COD. You must learn a few tricks and strategize your approach critically if you want to master Cold War. Resorting to cold war cheats will certainly assist you in achieving your goal in this intuitive game. Here are 10 of the most paramount hacks you’ll need to follow in the Cold War multiplayer to assure your progress.

  1. Be Tactical: Leaping into the kill zones only to get slaughtered and then respawning to start the process all over again is a common scenario in this fast-paced game. So, for gaining momentum here, you’d need to think tactically instead of solely focusing on epic bloodsheds. This requires steady advancement using apt covers, taking advantage of the best perks, and following a slow approach that will help you avert unnecessary deaths. Try to locate where the enemy team members tend to gravitate to and keep an eye on those parts of the map. A little patience can go a long way in here, especially when other players will be rushing around the map. Also, don’t be afraid to change tactics between modes.
  2. Shooting Ploy: Hold down your trigger until the target is fully down, otherwise, the opponent has a chance to win the shootout here. However, long-range weapons still have an immediate kill mechanic, so don’t overdo while firing from a distance for they could reveal your location. Also, taking too much time to aim at close range will likely get you killed. Use hip fire if your opponent is close and try to shoot quick rather than spending time on finding the headshot. Keeping shotguns as a secondary could help in this regard as well.
  3. Tweak Loadouts: Adjust your loadouts promptly before starting the game. Find your preferred weapon and consider the perks, field upgrades, tactical, and lethal slots beforehand. Cold War enables you to equip more weapon attachments than ever before and you’ll also be able to create custom loadouts relatively quickly. Yield full benefit of that.
  4. Kill Enemy Scorestreaks: Since the score earned doesn’t reset as a player dies, this provides a base by which multipliers can speed up a scorestreak in relatively short order. Hence, try to eliminate all possible scorestreak vectors from the opposing side while playing tug of war to establish your own. Vehicles are good targets for ending an opposing team’s scorestreak.
  5. Slide & Counter: One way to stay ahead of your opponents in this rapidly progressing gameplay is by sliding. It not only puzzles your enemies but provides a smooth way to retrieve tags in the Kill Confirmed mode. You can also double-tap to a slide, then cancel the movement immediately to make your soldier move faster and harder to hit.
  6. Reload Delicately: Make sure you’re reloading your weapon while scoped or aiming down-sights rather than on the move. Reloading on the run while aiming down the irons or scope is a unique addition to the game that can make significant differences in the final consequence. Keep your aim steady and stock up on a fresh clip without having to manually track and sight a target once more.
  7. Take Cover: The comprehensive maps of the Cold War enable players for lots of ambushes, flanking maneuvers, and combat in general. So, it’s a good idea to limit your movements in the open on any given map. Stay low behind the covers, stick to the edges of areas, and try to put objects, vehicles, and walls between you and open ground. This way, you’ll curtail the possible directions from which you can be spotted and shot.
  8. Be Stealthy: Avoid making unnecessary sounds and movements. If you go sprinting toward enemy territory, they’re going to hear you coming or better yet lock you with snipers. Crouching can help you make fewer noises. But you should make good use of this matter as your opponents are gonna make a lot of sounds as well and if you listen carefully, you can turn it into one of your strengths. Remember, you’ll hear your enemies approaching before you see them.
  9. Utilize Stimshots: Stimshots come as part of the Point Man loadout which can assist you to navigate an unfamiliar terrain open to enemy fire. If you get hit, duck behind the covers; that way you’ll heal up quickly and live to fight for another minute or two which can change the tide of the battle dramatically. If you don’t rely on stun or smoke grenades in the heat of battle, consider switching to stim shots, especially if you’re a close-range run-and-gun fighter.
  10. Play Collectively: Resist the urge to run off on your own. Having your teammates’ backs means you can kill your enemies faster with more protection around you. More eyes, ears, and guns can very well prove to be game-changing.

If you can rip the benefits of the above-mentioned strategies and use your cold war cheats, you’re much likely to succeed in this epic battle than ever. Keep in mind that it’s all about practice and composure. Enjoy your ‘A’ game and good luck!

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