10 Tips To Remember As A Wedding Videographer To Enhance The Experience For The Viewer

Wedding videography has become one of the booming industries in recent times. Wedding clients are willing to shell out huge amounts of money in preserving their once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza they took months to plan.

Wedding videography can fetch you anywhere between 1-2 lakhs based on the duration of the shoot. If your client has planned a pre and post-wedding shoot along with it, the budget gets bigger.

But remember, with such money comes high expectations, especially when it pertains to capturing their wedding day.

Every client would want their wedding shoot to be unique and fresh, and it becomes extremely crucial to understand their needs beforehand. This is especially important because you would be basically competing against many fresh minds that have entered this domain recently and have a lot of new ideas to offer.

But how does one do that? I mean, a wedding is a wedding, right? Relatives, friends, rituals, feast. The deal is going to be almost the same for everyone. Then how does one make it look unique? What is the thing that makes a wedding videographer great?

The answer to this is simple; to be great at wedding videography, you must have an eye for detail and know the nuances of your trade.


10 Tips to Make You a Pro at Wedding Videography

For good wedding videography, perspective matters a lot. Here are a few tips that can help you enhance the experience for your viewer.

1. Talk to Your Client Well in Advance

Understand what your client wants in their wedding shoot. Are there any particular moments they want to capture in detail? Is there any special event, person, or moment that you must know about? Understand their persona and their preferences before planning their video shoot.

2. Plan the Entire Shoot

The wedding coordinator might be in charge of the wedding, but how it gets portrayed lies entirely in your hands. The difference between an average videographer and a great one is definitely not in tools and accessories you use, it comes from perspective.

You must have a clear picture of how you want the video to pan out before the actual shoot. If you are a beginner, having a video editor free online, like InVideo, can help you edit faster and with ease.

3. Visit the Venue

Visit the wedding venue with the couple or their wedding choreographer to understand the setup. Check for power backups, cables, or sockets to make the entire shoot seamless. If they have a DJ event or dance floor planned, talk to them as well to understand if they can help you with audio backup. Connect with the venue in charge to know if there are any rules and regulations that you must comply with.

4. Plan Your Essentials

You must be aware of all the equipment and accessories that you might need for the shoot. While it is wise to keep it as light as possible to avoid transit issues, you must make sure that you have everything to do justice to your role as the wedding videographer.

Carry backup for audio sources to record each and every moment. If there is space constraint on the stage, you must carry your zoom lens and external recorders to shoot the wedding from a distance.

5. Understand the Rituals and Plan Your Shoot Accordingly

Every wedding has a set of rituals that you must focus on. You should be aware of them and ensure that you capture them properly. Knowing the rituals in advance would give you enough time to prepare yourself for it. Ensure that there are no last-minute surprises that you are not aware of.

6. Be Prepared for Low Light Situations

Evening receptions can get pretty tricky to capture as it gets pretty dark outside, and you would need additional light sources to help you. This is more challenging when it happens outdoors. The reception party would have dim lighting, and if you aren’t prepared for this, you would be in a big soup. Plan such situations well in advance to get the right effect. If your client has a low light event planned, go with your best low-light camera with big imaging sensors that can help you shoot with the prevailing light conditions.

While you can’t compromise on the video quality, the wedding guests would not appreciate being blinded by your big lighting throughout the evening. Find the middle ground that can help you through such a situation.

7. Have More Than One Camera to Shoot

There will be too much to focus on during a wedding, and it is absolutely difficult to do justice with just one camera. Ensure that you have more than one camera and at least two to three helpers to help you capture everything. They would also help you set up the entire thing quickly.

8. Have Enough of B-Roll Handy

While this is an absolute nightmare for the editor, having enough B-roll would salvage any bad video shots you may have. It also gives a different dimension to the wedding journey that you have gone to capture.

9. Keep it as Natural as Possible

While a bit of drama is good for creating a cinematic effect, you should ensure it stays true to its roots. Don’t go for a lot of staged shots that look forced and overbearing. Keep it as fresh and natural as possible. Go for a free intro maker no watermark free to create engaging and natural wedding intros.

10. Focus on the Must-Have Parts of the Wedding

Every wedding will have certain rituals that are crucial. Make sure that you capture them properly and in detail. While this may sound too basic, capturing these are often the trickiest. Every relative, friend, and acquaintance attending the wedding would want to be near the bride and groom during such rituals, and the videographer would have to capture the moment from a distance. Ensure that you don’t miss any part of the event and also capture it from the best possible angle.

In Conclusion

It is just not about capturing events anymore. Wedding videography goes beyond that and creates memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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