10 Ways UI Kits and Templates Can Improve Your Design Process

“Design” has been ruling the world with its concept, importance, and vibrancy on people around the world. From an individual, start-ups to brands emphasize heavily on the design part. Even in some companies, they have huge teams for designing. There are best UI kits out there for which we will be discussing here. When we recall this, a common question always tickles our minds.

And that is, why design is so valuable?

Before getting into the core part of this interesting discussion, let us understand design from a layman’s perspective. Anything that attracts, surprises, or gives wow feelings through visuals is what we call design.

In the same manner, every industry design process has a certain fundamental role to play.

For example, in the advertisement industry, the illustrative and thrilling design is highly preferred to grab the attention of the audience. For a normal person, this might seem to be a simplified process. But, in actual, it goes around a lot of research work, case studies, and testing processes to get that traction point and curiosity factor.

Today, in this blog we are going to talk about a term called, “UI Kits”.

Now, what are UI Kits? Why do we use it and its purpose?

All things we will cover in the subsequent sections. So, yes get ready to explore 10 different ways to improve your design process using UI Kits.

The advent of the design world: UI Kits

For a novice, kits may have a different purpose, be it in sports, health, construction, and much more. But here we are talking about UI kits in the design process.

So, what are UI kits exactly?

UI kits are a set of elements like buttons, headers, footers, navigational menus, color palettes, checkboxes, and even Adobe Photoshop presets. They are used in websites to maintain a consistent look and feel.

These UI kits help a developer to maintain uniformity across the website with just simple clicks. They can replicate the same design for all pages. Isn’t it interesting? You can also get a free web UI kit.

Templates & Kits: The savior of Designers & Developers

While the developers and designers are working on frameworks like React, Angular, and Bootstrap they have certain requirements. For them, there are very few options left to achieve the best-suggested design. And they even cannot afford themselves to restrict their creativity with a basic layout.

Pre-build Templates help them to select the modular approach for every website helping them to save time and energy to start from scratch for each project. Most designers and developers are using ready to go templates today widely across different projects. And the demand for React Templates is consistently increasing at a higher pace.

So, now they do not have to depend on creating amateurish layout themselves and neither compromise on their design process. Since we have been talking about web UI kits basics and its use that have helped developers and designers to the maximum.

Now, let’s come to one of the most important sections of this blog where will find out ways to improve our design process through UI kits.

Top 10 ways to nail down improvement in the design process

1- Wireframing 

This process plays a vital role in visualizing a website with its looks and functioning. When developers are working upon a website, before they build up the workflow begins from designing and listing all the functions as well as the complete behavior of the website.

Now, this process may sound a bit lengthy when implemented. But it is of utmost importance along with engaging design and content. Earlier, developers had to design each module, touch upon the layout, and then edit again if the structure was not proper.

This could lead to over usage of time and energy. But today, things have changed with UI kits. You know that before the actual project you require wireframing the complete working model of that website.

Web UI kits have set of elements like buttons, navigation menus, sidebars, color palettes, header images, footer elements, and a lot many other things. This ultimately designers and developers to quickly create mock-ups of the original design. After valuable feedback from clients and necessary changes, they can finally work upon the actual design.

2- Handling multiple projects 

A lot of times, designers and developers have to handle multiple projects. It becomes messy when things are not going well. This directly or indirectly affects the productivity, performance, and smooth workflow.

So, is there any way to come out of all those stressful situations where you upheld single-handedly all projects simultaneously? The answer is, yes. And that’s what you are looking for in this blog. You would say we got you that there must be something to handle multiple things, but how? Well, here is the hack. If you go with the traditional method of creating layouts or working upon designs it might very long time than you may have ever thought of.

Instead, if you use best UI kits for all your projects this is going to streamline all your nuisance in between and give you a free flow to work upon all projects, smartly.

So, what you can do is create libraries for all projects that have different elements in them. That way you can use them across different projects. At times a particular project size may extend to larger sizes, you can break down each of them into smaller libraries and work accordingly.

3- Get to in-depth with an understanding of workflow around you

It’s very important to learn about the environment around you and how people interact with software that preferably even you use. This gives an extra edge to improvising your approach in the design process.

When you get to work with people in a team it teaches a lot of things and the best thing it teaches is to evaluate, identify the issues, and solving in the real world. So, if you want to get going to a decent level, look for people around you and learn the art of interaction with software from them.

When you learn and analyze problems yourself through the consistent medium of communication, it elevates you ahead of the competition & demand. It also helps you to develop web UI kits with your ideas and methodologies when knowledge sharing is prioritized.

4- Establishment of good relationship within the team 

One of the important aspects of the company’s success is proper alignment and communication within a team. If the team is strong and always ready to discuss different issues, nothing is better than that.

When each member of a team communicate with each other and help to grow with each other, you can soon see the rising days of a company. A good relationship within a team is achievable if a leader is encouraging you to do the extra mile. These things may seem small but it has a powerful impact on the mindset of the co-workers.

5- Brainstorming and product planning 

It is said that the work is half done without proper planning and jotting down the ideas. The more discussions are carried within the team for designing a website, the more refined results you achieve.

Lots of brands highly emphasize on brainstorming sessions where the employees are groomed well to execute projects with strategies.

Even it takes disciplined planning to achieve the best product design in stipulated time. Using UI kit templates in projects, you can plan accordingly and give you a direction to brainstorm ideas on a conceptual model and trending designs rather than the traditional approach.

6- Optimized project execution 

Time is precious for everyone. You cannot let go of without calculated time and goals defined. When you have multiple projects to deliver, it is time that matters everything.

So, when you save time and energy it automatically motivates your team to do innovative things such that the company can achieve milestones. UI kits are the saviors for developers & designers that help them to save time & energy that can be further utilized in other areas of vital importance.

7- Prototyping 

It is one of the most common practices but a very effective process. Form the design perspective, if you have a prototype before the actual design, you can evaluate the desired results.

Many companies ignore doing prototyping and begin with actual design directly which is not recommended and a good idea. When the layout is build up, you have tons of things to make it right before going for the actual design. Prototyping is a process to ideate the plan into a design such that the outcomes and results are ascertained.

8- Synchronized designs with UX strategy 

You cannot directly start with something without a purpose or a strategy. If you are working upon the prototype or wireframe of a website, UX strategy is the core part. Furthermore, designs are the front face of your project so if you sync with your UX strategy, you get to identify loopholes within the entire workflow.

9- A collaborative approach between design and development 

It’s vital to have the same pace between design & development. Both are dependent on each other and have important consequences attached. From the wireframing, prototyping to the final project development both factors are important designers and developers. If they have the same wavelength it helps to complete a project on time.

It is always a phase-wise process of development and design. Once a design for the module is ready it is then integrated into the website and the next phase of development progresses so forth.

Dashboard UI kits help to maintain the consistency and tracking of the progress in the project. You have a set of elements, Photoshop presets, and many other resources in hand to implement in your project. Once you get going the entire process is streamlined in the best manner.

10- Design Consistency 

The uniformity of design for the entire website is of utmost importance for a company and even clients. That’s how things come into picture when you require an optimistic approach for a design process. And for you, UI kits are the best resources that can be well-off with the design and development process.


The entire design process is dependent on your plan, strategize, execute, and communicate with your team members. The simplified things you keep, the more realistic results are achieved. For those who want to maintain the balance between design, development, implementation and final delivery UI kits is the right.

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