11 Best Free File Recovery Software For Windows 10

We all use the computer for our work-related tasks. However, total chaos reigns in case the data of our computer goes missing or is stolen by anyone. If you have created a backup of your files then you are saved. However, if that has not happened it’s time you need to think of an alternative. A file recovery software allows you to get back all your information without much effort from your side. Here are our suggestions for the 12 best free file recovery software for Windows 10.

  1. EaseUS data recovery wizard professional: If you are in the need for a free file recovery software then EaseUS data recovery wizard professional is the best bet.  In case you have deleted your files by mistake, the software would help you get almost all of them back. What’s more, you may even get back those files that are present in the recycle bin or have been removed because of any fault in the hard drive.
  2. Stellar data recovery professional– An effortless and easy to use software this one can be used on any kind of devices and the files retrieved. After it has scanned all the files are reflected as a list and you may choose which ones you wish to keep. It can also get your data from damaged and corrupted optical media.
  3. Recuva– Whatever the type of device you can get back your files from the same. Even damaged and reformatted drives can be scanned to get back all the information you wish to get.
  4. Wise Data recovery– The Wise data recovery software is able to undelete files from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS disk. When you are about to start the scanning process the software asks you the format of the files you wish to save. This is a portable software so you need not install it to use it.
  5. Mini tool power data recovery– This is probably the most powerful software available for data recovery. You may retrieve doc, jpeg, XML, and other format files. In fact, you get your files even after a virus invasion.
  6. Free undelete– This is another file recovery software and brings back all your files. In order to ensure files are not overwritten the retrieved files are saved at a different location.
  7. Disk drill– You may have emptied the recycle bin but the Disk drill can get the data back for you. In addition, you get a variety of features like quick and deep scan, partition dividing, etc.
  8. ADRC recovery tool– Having a simple interface the tool uses fewer complications to help get the files back. You can even create backups for all the data received which is a worthy feature.
  9. PC Inspector file recovery– Supporting all kinds of file formats the software is a breeze to work with. You get all your files with their date and time stamp on it. Even if the boot sector of your FAT is damaged you can get your files back.
  10. Soft perfect file recovery– A portable software you do not need to install it to get access to all its features. This version of the software can be used on any kind of Windows be it any type.
  11. Glary undelete– This is a recovery software for Windows 10 and is quite a powerful one. You may filter the results as per their name, size, and creation date which makes it very helpful.
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