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With the growing demand for high-quality content, the need for effective copywriting is also growing. Everyone has their own goals – someone wants to attract visitors, someone wants to turn them into buyers.

Those who work in this field know how difficult work can sometimes be: writing a decent text requires attention, accuracy, and time. Fortunately, today there are special services like cheappaperwriting.com which are designed to help you write various types of content. However, it will be nice if you learn the basics of competent copywriting.

In this article, we will consider the principles that you should not forget if you want to write high-quality text. If you follow these basic rules, you can increase your conversion rate and attract new customers and visitors.

  1. Touch a nerve

The most important thing is to find something that will “hook” a person. People don’t care about the world’s problems, they care about what happens at home. So, play the role of a detective: find these burning topics.

  1. Stick to the topic

Everyone who writes an article has a thousand thoughts on this topic. And it is very difficult to resist the temptation to share them. All at once. A useful skill is the ability to slow down and not deviate from the essence of the story.

Marketers say that content should be relevant to a particular topic and develop it. There’s no surer way to mess things up than by splashing out on ten confusing topics, trying to cover them all at the same time.

  1. Don’t be afraid to quote others

Ideally, each article should be written by an expert or at least a person who is deeply immersed in the topic. This may not always be the case, especially if time is running out or there is not enough information. Find experts and quote them. To get valuable comments, just 5 minutes of phone conversation, email correspondence, or blog search is enough.

Look at most newspaper and magazine articles, long reads, and even small blog posts: the lion’s share of authors refer to reputable experts.

  1. Do not spare words: make detailed descriptions and photos

Write as you would like to write for yourself: cover the details, do not forget about the little things, accompany the photo with captions, write detailed instructions. The main thing is that there are as few incomprehensible places and innuendos as possible. If today there is no time to finish the article as it should be — leave it for later. But in any case, do not neglect the completeness of the material.

  1. Invite to a dialogue

Good content is not just an information block. This is a conversation. If, while reading what is written, the reader feels that you are addressing them, this is a victory. You have achieved a lot. If you want to connect with people, forget about the formalities. Your language doesn’t have to be fancy.

To achieve the effect of live speech on the letter, first, say out loud what you want to say. Does it feel like you want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the reader? If Yes, write it down.

  1. Satisfy your readers’ information hunger

In fact, the place for this advice is rather at the beginning of the article, because we are talking about the relevance of the content. Write about what is interesting to your audience, what excites and fascinates them. To capture the preferences of the audience, you need to study it well. The more often you can meet the expectations of a certain group of people, the more relevant you will become to them.

  1. “Pack” the content beautifully

Only the lazy person doesn’t talk about the visual part of the content today. The time has passed for monotonous long texts — visual appeal and interactivity are in the trend. Even if you don’t have a designer or developed skills working with visual editors, you can often do with templates, standard solutions, and just high-quality photos, gifs, and videos.

  1. Make the text a tool for transmitting knowledge

Helping people find new ways to solve common problems can attract a lot of regular readers to you. The task of a copywriter, journalist, content marketer — for anyone who deals with live text — is to understand what is troubling people. And the most important thing to offer them is to relieve their anxiety.

Good content appeals to both the mind and the heart of the reader. It inspires and makes people think, gives information and inspiration. Good content can provoke you to make a discovery.

  1. Look for success stories

If you need really outstanding content, then look for examples that have absolutely nothing to do with your products, services, or customers. Find a bright success story— a person or a thriving company that will inspire your readers and gives them the strength to move in their own direction.

This is important for two reasons: on the one hand, you will be more likely to win the favor of the company under study if you act as a journalist, on the other — your readers will treat such a story with more confidence.

  1. Take your time: the first does not mean best

As soon as there was stunning news – you should immediately write about it. Familiar?

Instead of chasing the speed in the hope of being the first, do reviews for the week. Think about the most significant events of the past week. This approach gives you time to separate the main thing from the secondary. Readers will come to you because they will know that you don’t write about everything but focus on the most important things.

  1. Don’t be afraid to share your experience

Write articles that really provide useful information. They help the reader. Explain how to do this or that. They reveal concepts and principles. They share something useful and teach something valuable.

  1. “Dress” the text in numbers

Most of the texts intended to tell about the company, products, or services are written in the same way: in general terms, they describe the professionalism, individual approach, and all sorts of coolness. But this may be fiction. Why should the reader believe you? Maybe you just made it up. Facts and figures are proof. And a sign of high-quality content.

  1. Use fewer “extra” words

A curious pattern: the fewer “optional” words in a phrase, the more energy there is in that phrase. Any article should be checked for “extra” words. Shorten the text as much as possible.

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