3 Ways To Extract Pages From Any PDF File

Suffice it to say that there are numerous edits that can be done on a PDF file. The most fundamental edits are adding text, commenting, annotating, and adding a signature. These are the basic skills anyone should have, even when you are not working directly with PDF files all the time. When you work with PDFs all day, it should come naturally to you how to edit PDFs.

While editing PDF is fairly easy – in fact, you can learn the basic skills as you go along editing the exact file you’re asked to edit – there are quite a number of edits that need advanced instruction. They’re not complicated, per se, but you would probably need to search how-tos before proceeding. One of which is extracting specific pages from the original PDF file. In this article, we’ve collated the best ways for you to do it:

Through browser-based applications

Most people rely on a standalone software probably pre-installed in their work computer or smartphone to do PDF edits. Most people fail to see that you can do without all that nowadays, thanks to the power of the Internet. You can even do it on handheld devices for convenience! Browser-based applications like PDF Bear have an array of powerful and lightweight web applications that address certain edits.

From converting MS-Office based documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF and vice-versa, protecting PDF files, and even extracting pages from a source file, PDF Bear has it all. So, when you are away from your computer, it’s good to know that you can easily do PDF extract on your mobile browser. Just go to PDF Bear’s PDF extract application, upload the file you want pages extracted from, and follow the remaining instructions.

Through your favorite browser

This is a nifty trick that some people are privy to and should be known more. Your favorite browser, let’s say Chrome, is a great PDF viewer. Notice when you download PDF files from the net that opens up another tab? Your browser can easily open PDF files, although it will take a lot of working memory to do so. Especially if it is a heavy file.

From the opened PDF file, you can extract the selected pages you want to get by choosing the pages to print. Once you’re done with that, instead of printing, save it to PDF. You’ll be then prompted where to save it. Once it finishes downloading, check the file for errors. The process is straightforward, and you will save time when you’re on the go.

Through a standalone software

Arguably the most common way to extract pages from a PDF file is to open it with a standalone software that’s focused on PDF reading and editing. Whatever your choice of software is, you can seamlessly create another separate file from the existing PDF with your choice of pages by selecting exact pages.

On the thumbnail view of your PDF file, highlight the pages you want to extract. Once done, find the “Extract Pages” from the menu toolbar, then click on it. The software should automatically make a separate file from the highlighted pages. Save the new file, and don’t worry about the original file – it should remain intact without changes in formatting.


Whether it’s for publication or just a memo for the office, PDF files that need to be disseminated should be edited for better understanding. Don’t forget that PDF is the standard file format ready for printing, so you need to make sure that the PDF file you’re printing is final and pristine. Extract selected pages for printing if you must – follow the tips above if you don’t know what to do!

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