4 Ways SEO Has Evolved Over the Years

It is hard to remember a time without search engines. Ever since search engines started to take hold in a big way, people have looked for ways that they can make themselves more prominent on them, and that is where SEO came in. It is interesting to think about how this element of marketing has changed over the years. This subject is what we are going to focus on in this blog post.

Emphasis on Good Content

Years previously, there wasn’t as much emphasis placed on good-quality content. Nowadays, your blog needs to be stacked with fresh, relevant, and engaging content. Anything that is plagiarized is going to see you immediately soaring back down the rankings. Content stuffed with keywords was also common, but once this started to get penalized, companies realized that they needed to be smarter in what they were putting on their site. So, every time you post a new article, ask yourself some questions about just how relevant it is and whether there are any improvements that you could make.

Page Speed

Not only is page speed important for SEO, but people are more likely to click straight off your site unless it loads quickly. Speedy broadband and better connectivity have made people a lot less patient than they used to be! More sophisticated search engines will now take your page speed into account when determining your place on the pecking order. So, if you can make things faster, this is certainly worth doing to give your customers an even better experience.

Changes in Keywords

Google had a big problem preventing companies from simply stuffing key search terms over and over again until they came up with a better algorithm to prevent this from happening. While keywords are still important, it is their placement that makes a difference rather than how many times they feature. When you look at web content these days, it is no longer unreadable gibberish, which is something that all of us can be thankful for!

To help you successfully navigate your way through keyword research and utilizing them in the best way, you could reach out to a London SEO Agency. An agency will be able to carry out an audit that will determine the ways your website can be improved, such as where keywords should be used more, as well as help put your keywords to good use in campaigns such as link building.

Mobile Prioritization

The majority of searches these days are made from a mobile device, which has meant that mobile SEO is more important than ever. So, factors like mobile speed page loading are now taken into account in a way that it never was before. So, you need to ensure that your website performs just as well on your phone as it does on your laptop!

SEO is a constantly evolving practice, and in another few years, it is likely that some of the techniques in the article are going to be old hat. This is why it is so important that your company has an ever-evolving SEO strategy that keeps up with current changes.

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