Image Editing Features
Image Editing Features

Nothing is more important than the image! Yes, even in the field of web marketing, images are fundamental. When creating an article on your site, you have to be extremely careful with all the details if you want to take advantage of SEO. So, we focus on writing engaging texts, working on the usability of the site, and optimizing everything to make your page attractive to Google. But how can you also edit images for optimizing for SEO? This is a factor that is often forgotten, without realizing that it is essential to climb the positions on search engines. So here’s how to edit your photos in post-production will help you transform your content quickly, but it will make your photos look as good as possible.

The main pillars of great photography editing

  • Appropriate Exposure
  • Colour Correction
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Format

You can do many tricks to work with your photos in the online photo Compression Tool, but without a solid foundation for these columns, post-production editing will be more difficult and time-consuming. Always try to take pictures with these rules. To avoid over-edited photos, always plan what you want to do before snapping a photo to match the effect you’re looking for.

Let’s see the 5 Essential Image Editing Features For Digital Marketing:

Exposure: Lighting is an important component of beautiful photography. Overexposure can skip the image. Underexposure can cause your subject to fall into a dark abyss.

If the lighting is known to be a problem in the following event, you must follow the following tips:

  • Always record in RAW format: Since they take up more memory on the memory card, RAW photos provide valuable information that allows you to adjust exposures, highlights, and shadows based on the content of your brain.
  • Keep this information in mind when it comes to light and shadow, as it is an area where detail can be lost due to overexposure or too low light.
  • Use a clipping mask! These are great tools that can be used to lighten or darken specific areas of an image without affecting the entire image.

Color correction- Whether you are trying to add cool or warm tones to your image or trying to find a way to correct white balance (WB) to remove the tint, there are many ways to adjust image color. Adjusting the tones can elicit a variety of emotions, such as hot summer days and cold winter days. You can also play with Vibrance and add pop music to your photos to bring them to life.

Resolution: while optimizing images for digital marketing, it is important to take care of the resolution of the image. The ideal resolution of an image on the screen is 72 PPI (pixels per inch), which is much less than the 300 dpi (dots per inch) suitable for printing.

Size: Too large images are often the main reason for a site’s slowness. So reducing the size of images based on how and where they will appear is extremely important. Usually, large images have a width of 1200 pixels (proportional height), and full HD reaches 1980 pixels. For optimizing the images for a web marketing campaign, you can try the photo Compression Tool.

Format: Depending on the need, it is possible to save an image in different formats that significantly reduce the quality without losing the sharpness perceived by the eye.

  • JPG: it is the most used format that considerably reduces the quality and consequently the weight.
  • PNG – Ideal if you want to use a transparent background
  • GIF supports a maximum of 250 colors but allows you to create animations in quick sequence and in loops.


As we have been able to evaluate at the SEO level, image optimization is fundamental for the success of a web page. An article containing well-optimized photographs loads faster and greatly reduces the page abandonment rate. Either adding posting, content promoting, or image editing technique to promote business products by using images, all techniques are beneficial to different market products digitally on different online platforms. Especially, features like watermarking on videos and photos are essential for establishing digital ownership.

If we talk about the image editing technique, then we can say that it has a significant impact and place in digital marketing. Maximum of digital marketing of products are used via product images sharing different offers of companies on the product. Furthermore, correcting the weight and size of the image and adding Visual Watermark also allows you to give your web page a lighter and more pleasant structure, capable of significantly improving the User Experience. And, as we know, user satisfaction is always the result to be achieved, which is possible through well-edited and well-optimized images.

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