5 Quick And Easy PDF Edits You Can Do

Editing a PDF seems easy to do, but, it is actually one of the hardest file extensions to edit in seamlessly. If you want to have better control over how to edit text and images in a PDF, you’ll need to revert it to a more editable format, like Word, if you’re using Windows, or Pages if you’re a Mac-user. But there are basic edits that you can perform right on the PDF itself. In this article, we’ve collated some prominent ones:

1. Rotate

Rotating PDF files is quite easy to do. But this will depend on the software that you are editing the document in. Most PDF documents that need rotating are scanned from another separate document and probably weren’t formatted right before sharing. Seldom are the instances when you decide for yourself that a page on the file is better off in a position other than the original it was set in.

So how to rotate a PDF, you may ask? Depending on where you are editing it from, whether online on a web-based application like PDF Bear or a standalone software like Adobe Acrobat, you just need to find the icons with a bent arrow that usually are opposite each other. Click on those icons and decide on which direction the rotation should go.

2. Add text

Arguably the most common edit needed in any PDF document worldwide, adding text, can be both an easy and difficult process. It’s easy to add a textbox of your own and put text in there because that’s a straightforward process, but when you are asked to add text in line with the document itself, you’ll need pretty advanced software to do just that. And to be honest, you’re better off converting it into a more editable format or ask for the original raw file to be sent to you.

3. Fill up

Another common usage of PDF documents is for filling up forms online. Most applications, forms, and other documents needed for identification are in PDF form. To fill it up, an excellent PDF reader and editor is needed. Type on the editable boxes and don’t overlay text boxes if you can’t find a way to type on the assigned one properly.

4. Add comments

A standard ask for PDF documents sent over for escalation and approval, adding comments is usually reserved for the higher-ups, or if you’re an editor working with an important document for printing. Adding comments is quite straightforward, but several software does it differently. The gist is you have to find a textbox first so that you can type your comments. 

Inserts, grammar edits, and random commentary about a document need to be specific, so you’ll need to partner your textbox with an arrow sign. Choosing the right text color is important as well so that edits are easily seen and recognized. If possible, highlight the text you want to edit so as to avoid confusion.

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5. Convert to more editable files

Converting PDF to formats that have better and more powerful editing control effectively handles documents that need corrections. Most, if not all, standalone software for PDF handling does this, but the powerful ones usually have a better way of making great results.


When you are asked to edit a PDF, the first thing that you need to ask is what edits are to be made. If it’s just commenting and adding a signature, then it’ll probably just take a fraction of your time. If they want you to check and fill it up, it could take a considerable amount of your day. Either way, knowing how you can streamline everything in your favor is key to winning the battle. 

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