5 Ways Technology Changed Higher Education

Thanks to the proliferation of technological advancements throughout the last years, life now is quite different from what it was a few decades ago. The world continues to rapidly change to incorporate a plethora of technological innovations. Higher education is an area where these advancements stand out. The digital transformation of education has led to students having access to tools and avenues for learning never before imagined.

Ease of access to information for research, expanded communication avenues, and access to institutions otherwise out of reach through the internet are only a sample of the effect technology has had on higher education. Read on to learn more.

Access to the World

The advent of online learning was one of the first iterations of technology in higher education. The broad globalization of the internet altered the landscape of learning forever. Students are no longer required to attend classes in person but instead join their professor and classmates through a video conference. This allows for greater flexibility with assignments and testing.

Students can participate in live demonstrations of the Hadron Collider from their homes or attend a symposium on the hottest trends in their future industry. The possibilities are nearly endless. Not only are classrooms opening to more innovations thanks to the internet but the ability to attend an institution has changed in the technological age as well. The internet has essentially shrunk the world and brought people around the world together.

Global learning is like a digital exchange program with students around the world attending remotely. It allows for the sharing of cultures, languages, and ideas like never before.

Increase Enrollment

With this global learning community becoming the norm, more students are attending higher education remotely. For many, this is a new opportunity that was never before available.

While the pandemic of 2020 slowed enrollment for a period, a quick digital transformation to online learning has created a renaissance in learning. The ability to obtain student loans without a cosigner has opened this opportunity to those who cannot find somebody with good credit to cosign has expanded the ability for many to take advantage of this new era in higher education.

Expanded Communication Avenues for Stronger Engagement

In addition to the online classroom experience, technology has expanded the ways that students can communicate with each other and their professors. Message boards, chatrooms, and forums were designed with students in mind to allow them to:

Get constructive feedback on their work

Ask for help with areas in which they are struggling

Share ideas and insights

Interact with study groups

This kind of free exchange encourages students to engage more deeply with their education. The imagined anonymity of online exchanges encourages timid students to speak up. The running record of what was said provides a reference for future use.

All Textbooks in One Place

One technological innovation often overlooked in the discussion of higher education is e-readers. People have used these handy devices for years to read the latest novel, store their collection of cookbooks or peruse popular magazines. However, e-readers are an indispensable technological tool for higher education.

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The ability to store a veritable library all in one device is of immense use to students. Gone are the days of lugging around heavy and cumbersome textbooks. Even better, e-readers have built-in features for highlighting text, taking notes, and bookmarking important sections to make studying easier.

Instant Critique & Assistance

Writing is a big part of life as a student. Presentations, reports, and essays are necessary to access progress, boost understanding and improve skills.

While having these written assignments completed by another source online is unethical and will likely get a student expelled, there is nothing wrong with getting one’s writing critiqued. It is also acceptable to utilize a writing service to help learn to improve one’s writing.

There are numerous writing service companies online that offer their services to students. These services can help students see where they are falling short and help them to write better in the future.

Also, there is a multitude of educational supports available online. Professors often recommend specific sites that they have found useful or students can simply search for additional resources themselves. Whatever they are studying, there is likely to be a professional organization with a website that can expand their understanding of the field they are going into.

The Bottomline

The advantages that technology affords higher education and its students far outweigh any concerns critics may express. Students and teachers around the world have been given new and exciting ways to engage and learn through recent technological advancements. Future innovations promise to evolve the landscape of education even further in the coming years.

While some teachers and students struggle to embrace technology, the advantages are clear. Every new innovation comes with the promise of stronger educational experiences that cannot be denied.

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