Online Fax Service
Online Fax Service

Everyone is going crazy over the online fax services. They are much more reliable than fax machines and provide quick delivery reports for each fax. You can literally find hundreds of services to fax online by just a google search.

However, most platforms are not reliable or charge a lot of money for their services. Hence, we found the 6 best online fax services that will help you manage your faxes without owning a fax machine. 

So, let’s start with the first solution, recommended by almost every leading company.


Cocofax Solution
Cocofax Solution

CocoFax is the most trusted platform to offer fax services over the internet. It works like an email service where you can send a fax without going through much trouble. The website supports cross-platform faxing which means that you can send a fax to a fax machine from this platform.

We love its user interface that is much easier to use than other fax services. All you need is to create an account and start faxing with your new fax number. 

It provides exceptional security to protect the privacy of your data. The solution is GDPR compliant that means it follows all the guidelines for the safety of your data. 

Also, the advanced features of this platform let you manage your documents with Google Drive as well.


  • The website offers a 7-day free trial and lets you send faxes without paying a single dollar.
  • The user interface allows you to replace your faxing setup with easy tools.
  • It comes with multiple integrations for a smooth experience.
  • It provides delivery reports for each fax.


  • You can not continue with your old fax number


Here is another excellent platform for online fax services. The application is designed to provide complete business tools to small and large organizations. RingCentral has its focus on VoIP and fax services. That is why it is considered as one of the best services to fax online.

The platform offers mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices. Also, it offers 1000 minute free VoIP calls with its basic subscription to its new customers. That is why it attracts thousands of new customers every month. 

The faxing services of RingCentral are way advanced than most other platforms. It also offers business SMS services so that a small business can operate without having to buy multiple tools. 


  • A complete business solution including some advanced tools
  • Offers advanced faxing services and works with pre-registered fax numbers as well
  • Reliable VoIP services
  • Established platform with millions of active users


  • Expensive plans cost a lot more than other alternatives.
  • No exclusive plans for fax services meaning you need to pay for all other services even if you do not use them.


PamFax is another fax service that lets you send or receive a fax document on your smartphone. The best thing about the platform is that it focuses on providing fax services only.  The website has some affordable plans that can take your fax charges as low as 10 cents per fax.

Thus, you can always depend on this website to get an excellent faxing experience online. You will notice that the user interface of this website is quite simple. Also, it has all the features on its homepage to help first-time users get the service they need.

Individuals and small businesses can go for this application.


  • The website is available in more than 13 languages.
  • 3 Free faxes (pages) after registration for new users.
  • Free trial fax number to use the services.


  • Not suitable for companies whose communication depends on faxes.
  • The platform has no advanced features to offer.


WestFax is another platform for you to start your online fax experience. The platform offers some relevant features that make faxing much more convenient. These features may not appeal to first-time users but will notice their benefits as you start using the services more.

The customer support of this platform is known to provide some quick solutions to their users. Thus, even if you face some problems using the platform, you will get your solution quickly.


  • It supports multiple file formats like word, pdf, and other formats.
  • Convenient mobile applications for reliable access to its services.
  • It offers a secure way to fax documents with proper encryption.


  • The application lacks some helpful integrations like Google Drive
  • Services are a bit expensive compared to CocoFax

The name of this website is so obvious that you can find out it offers online fax services. The website of this web-based application offers the most affordable faxing services. Although the platform can not receive faxes, you won’t find any problem sending one.

The website has a kind of old design that might upset you a bit. However, it can work as a platform that you use occasionally.

Thus, you can always go for the platform if you don’t want many advanced platforms.


  • It offers the most affordable online fax services
  • It is one of the oldest and most trusted online faxing platforms
  • No need to pay any for subscription plan for the first few faxes


  • The platform is not reliable for continuous use


Some users like to keep their existing fax numbers and just need to take their faxing online. MFax is an excellent choice for them as it works with existing fax numbers and supports almost every fax number to send or receive fax documents. Also, the platform has an advanced file convertor that ensures you get a reliable way to change the format of unsupported files.

The user interface of this website is quite simple and works for everyone.


  • Works with existing fax numbers 
  • Offers online storage for registered customers
  • Provides quick delivery reports for local and international faxes


  • It requires a fax number to work

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Final Words

Switch to online fax services and get the benefits of advanced tools to send & receive your fax papers. With the above platforms, a freelancer or a small business can meet their faxing needs conveniently. Platforms like CocoFax and RingCentral provide new fax numbers that do not require you to own a fax machine ever again.

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