6 Reasons to Write a Research Project on HTML
6 Reasons to Write a Research Project on HTML

Choosing a subject for a research project is a big deal. It has to be not only valid for the curriculum but also interesting to a student. No one wants to spend lots of time on something they are not passionate about. 

That’s why the preparation stage for writing a research project might take a while. Of course, you can delegate the writing itself to a professional essay writing service EssayPro and they’ll do everything for you with ease and excellent quality. But a student still needs to define the subject of the paper. HTML doesn’t sound exciting at first, but it can be pretty interesting if you only give it a chance.

HTML can be a great choice even for those who are not focusing on Computer Science. Even if you have zero programming experience, there are many reasons to consider it. 

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

What is HTML? 

Let’s start with the basics. The abbreviation stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a standard and extremely wide used language when it comes to the markup of web pages. Probably almost any website you’ve ever visited was created with the use of it. 

HTML is based on tags that define how the text appears in the browser. A page is created as an HTML file that any browser can read. When the browser reads it, it defines how the page will be shown to the internet user. 

It was invented in 1991 by CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee. He thought about a prototype in 1980, but the working software appeared ten years later. He mainly wanted to make hyperlinks available. That’s why any text can now have a clickable link to another source. And later the software was improved even more and now it exists as HTML5. 

Reasons to Write Research Project on HTML

First of all, it is an interesting phenomenon. It is so widely used that everyone considers it as a standard language for web design and development. So it is the only language in the world that is considered a default option by everyone. But it is not the only reason. Here are the main ones. 

It is Very Simple

The reason why it is so popular is that it is incredibly simple. There is little to no learning curve to it. Even if you do not know how to program, you can learn it really easily. It is enough to know basic tags to make a text appear with headlines, bullet lists, and other edits. One can create an HTML file the same day they start to learn it. 

It is Responsible for the Internet as We Know It

This might be an arguable claim. But because of its simplicity, it made the web design accessible to a wide public. At the dawn of the Internet, it was used by scientists and contained almost exclusively physics articles. But HTML made it possible for many people to create web page designs, even if they were very basic and not dynamic. 

It is More SEO-Friendly

Probably you didn’t know this but HTML5 is more SEO optimized than Flash. Before the release of the latest update in 2014, Flash and Silverlight were more commonly used to power applications, audio, and video elements. For example, when one visits a page, they get a notification that to view it they need to download a new Flash player version. 

Nowadays, it is not a problem. HTML5 can incorporate video and audio files directly in the page, without Flash. And it helps a page to be SEO optimized, which means Google can easily read it. 

It is Compatible with Anything

HTML5 is not enough for creating dynamic and unique websites, but it is compatible with anything. Programmers use it with CSS and JavaScript. CSS allows more design options, like colors and background. And JavaScript is used for different sliders, pop-ups, and basically anything dynamic on the page. 

The most unique part of this technology is that it is compatible not only with other programming languages but also with any browser. 

HTML and CSS Books
HTML and CSS Books

Google Loves It 

There was a time before the HTML5 release when it was expected to be replaced by other technologies. But Google believed in it and continued to use it. It is now used as the default player for YouTube, for example. It is also used for Google Flash Ads. 

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It Might Interest You in Programming

Even if you are not dreaming about a career as a software developer, it is good to know some basics. And this technology is a great starting point. Although it is not enough to create a webpage alone, its simplicity and logic make it easy to learn. So you can get your hands dirty and even start to read about other more complex technologies. Maybe you’ll get interested in web design or development. Or you’ll know a bit more about the ways the internet works.

In Summary 

HTML is a markup language for almost any web page out there. It is simple and can be easily learned by anyone. It is an interesting technological phenomenon because of its popularity and its impact on the internet as we know it today. So it can be a great research project subject in many aspects, from technical ones and all the way up to socio-cultural.

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