6 Tips To Make Product Descriptions That Sell Alone

The product description of an e-commerce product is the most important part of any online store and if it is well written, it will multiply your sales. The soul of an online store is its products, and when we talk about products there are 2 essential things: the images and descriptions.

Without attractive images, it is difficult to sell a product, but we forget that it is the descriptions that give the SEO benefit and brings users to your page from search engines. “Without attractive images, it is difficult to sell a product, but we forget that it is the descriptions that give the SEO benefit and brings users to your page from search engines. Many things like this you can learn by visiting https://nuancedmedia.com/amazon-marketing-agency/

Find Out Who Is Buying You

It is essential to define who your buyer is, what level of knowledge they have, what need you are satisfying, and what are the exact benefits that you expect to obtain from your online store. If you want to know more about buyers’ behavior and how to get better on it, you can consult SEO Services Dubai for better guidance.

Is this your first experience with this type of product and has it happened by chance? Or is it an advanced user who buys in your e-commerce precisely for this reason? What makes you click the buy button?

There are hundreds of ways to generate people through the data you already have. You can analyze your clients through SEO, put user feedback widgets such as Total Feedback (it is paid, but it looks great), collect feedback from your users in Social Media, contact forms, emails, etc. and even be proactive and launch yourself to interview them yourself.

Knowing your user perfectly should be the first step in your strategy, then everything else can come.

Clearly Define Your Tone

Once you know who you are targeting and how you want to target him and what information you need to retain their trust.

There are various aspects that you might consider in terms of how your brand sounds like. Is it boring with 1000 employees or is it any business that is not growing at all from the past 2 years. If this is what the case is then there might not be cleared with the content that you are posting on your site for worthy users.

If you go to a niche audience with great knowledge about your field you will have to generate detailed texts that delve into technical aspects of the product, use terms, humor or references from the medium; while if they have no idea you will have to try to condense the information, but more generic titles and give information that in other cases might seem obvious.

Clearly, your audience never responds to a single ranking, but being the best platform for a niche is the best way to consolidate your long-term strategy.

Create Benefit Lists

Your users only read a fraction of the text on your website, so you have to make things easy for them.

This involves highlighting the most important points in bold, ranking the information you are going to add, and finding ways to visually highlight the most important information, and the best way to do this is the benefits lists.

The user cares that your product has the latest materials, the most exclusive technology, and that it is made by Tibetan monks with pure karma. But what really interests them is what this product will bring to them, on a personal level, as a buyer and future user.

Pro-tip: Many successful e-commerces use font color and size to make benefits stand out. Remember to use descriptions that reach your client: having a backpack with a capacity of 29 liters is great, but it may be better to highlight that it is ideal for day trips or weekend camping, and locate more specific information in an accessible place but not featured.

Optimize It For Search Engines

Writing good product descriptions is a priority at the SEO level. It is going to be what you get from long-tail traffic that will make you sell twice as much.

But how to make more SEO descriptions?

  1. NEVER use descriptions that you have copied from another site. Neither from Amazon, nor from your supplier, or anything. Create unique texts that add more value: it is the only way that the descriptions are an addition for your users.
  2. Think about the user: If putting an emphasis on SEO is going to make your description sound forced, unnatural, or outright ridiculous, it’s not a good description at any level. First your user, then the search engines.
  3. Think about keywords: Analyze how the user searches for a product, what terms they use, if the brand appears. You can use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Ads, or analyze your traffic to get used to it. Then make sure those terms appear in the text.
  4. Do not use jargon that your user does not use.

Optimize images: Make the keyword appear in the image name, description, and title.

Let Others Describe For You

Users value the opinions of other buyers, both to know the quality and specifications of a product and to know how your service as a seller is.

In addition, comments are the best way to generate text content about the product that makes a search engine choose your website over another of the competition, and increases the conversion and confidence of your customers to infinity.

In case, If you are working on a solution for your e-commerce comments you can use the Yotpo tool. It’s a free simple tool that we have used with very positive results. Of course, if you have a large volume of sales but still it gives you a magnificent service, as the number of comments will increase, it never hurts to encourage them.

For example, PC components have an offer that gives prizes for the best comments in your store each month (up to $300 for best comments). This gives customers an incentive not only to write reviews of the products they have purchased but to write great reviews that add value and compete with others to win that month’s award.

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