7 Free Apps That Will Bring Focus Back to Studies

It is a human tendency to pause and look around if there is something important out of the primary focus area of attention and fall prey to the mind game of distraction. For the student community, the technology of phones and laptops becomes a portal to distractions. But if we look closely, the ubiquity of mobile phones and laptops is also a boon for students. Can downloading applications be useful to bring the focus back to studies? The answer is a resounding yes. With the help of various applications and revolutionary features, students can start visualizing each and every concept and learn at their own pace as we know visuals create a better notion in the human mind than plain reading.

There is a long list of applications made especially for students to get the best grades and they also are free-of-charge. Here is a comprehensive list of applications that will help students in a great way

1- Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite application is free and simple to use. Students can use this application to track their exam dates. Students can store their key exam dates in one place, stay focused on daily countdowns, and even add notes to their exams and tests.

2- Flashcards

Students can use the application Flashcards to enhance their studying techniques. Flashcards create study sets, which the student can share with their friends and which mainly works offline too. The application has a very simple user interface to create and manage the study cards with as little as 2 clicks. The different study modes in the application make studying fun and entertaining in the form of reviews, memory games, audio players, etc. It also helps the students build their vocabulary by learning new words every day.

3- Testbook

Testbook application has more than 5000 online mock tests and online lectures for over 100 exams. This application provides end to end help in exam preparation to the students aspiring to clear their examination with flying colors. There are live lectures & video courses by experts, practice sets to help you practice questions and revise concepts, daily quizzes & every information about the exams. This application also analyses your performance and helps you improve. Features like doubt solving, tips & tricks to solve exams faster, test strategies, etc. make Testbook one of the must-have applications for the students.

4- Freedom

It is very important for students to fight their distractions. Unluckily the technology that is supposed to help them sometimes becomes the biggest reason for chaos. Freedom helps students become more focused and productive. It temporarily blocks time-wasting applications and websites helping students achieve their aim with zero hindrance. All the student has to do is select the distracting social applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. and start a ‘freedom’ session. A distraction-free student studies better build better studying habits and also controls phone habits and addiction.

5- Brain FM

For the students, the environment contributes majorly to how well they focus. Sounds like Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves influence their mental health into becoming more productive and grasping more information. This is the driving principle behind Brain.Fm. It uses functional music to encourage ‘strong neural Phase Locking’ which results in improved focus, Concentration, Relaxation within 15 mins of use. Students will get multiple genres of music to choose from depending on their activity level.

6- Habit Bull

It takes 21 days for humans to form a habit and get it into a routine. HabitBull helps students attain the same. Students can easily track daily goals and build powerful studying habits. The application helps students track habits, repeated to-dos on its customizable calendar, Streak Counter, and percentage of success of each habit formation.

7- Fit Brain Trainer

Students can use this application to train their brain using gamified simple deductions and visual perception. The fit brain is a brain training application with an excellent design and a lot of different activities to choose from based on their needs.

Other Important apps that students should handy are:

  • Note Taking: Microsoft One Note, Evernote
  • Reading: Adobe Reader, ReadCube
  • Writing Paper: Dark Room, Microsoft Word, LaTex
  • Screen Recording: Ice Cream Apps
  • Study Groups: Slack, Team Viewer
  • Vocabulary Building: Oxford Dictionary and Dragon Dictation

For students, exams can be a major cause of stress. However, with good applications that help boost focus during studies, track and evaluate progress, there is nothing you can’t do to better your grades at the end of a school term.

Now that education is inclining towards technology, studying doesn’t have to be boring, even if one has to spend hours. As technology continues to improve day by day, it is making studying, focusing, and being objective oriented easier. Traditional ways of studying are now vintage when the students can use their phones/laptops to get access to these tools and platforms to focus, streamline, and increase productivity.

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