7 Free Website Creator Tools for Classroom Projects

Freed website creator tools with ready templates make it easier to create websites because they come with templates for different business needs. These templates are perfect for use in class during training because they give you a real feel of what to expect when building your website. Visit thesis helpers for professional assistance with homework on any topic or unit.

Pexels Classroom projects require easy-to-use website creator tools that also provide sufficient room to learn multiple features. While advanced features on websites come at a price, the basic elements should help a student to learn enough web design and development for use in real life.

Before thinking about the website creator tools, it helps to know how to choose one platform over the other. These are factors that should override individual preferences. By considering these factors, you are sure that your students will emerge among the best web design experts.

  • Ease to use– can the platform accommodate a learner with zero web development skills? Such ease allows students to learn on their own. The students can acquire more skills and advance their potential. A platform that is too complex for beginners will be discouraging. The chances of dropping out of such a class are very high.
  • Packed with necessary design tools– web design is about providing necessary tools to a website. Can the platform provide tools to support interested students in the learning process? These tools include blogs, chat rooms, forums, newsletters, and SEO tools. They must match individual needs by students learning under this platform.
  • Professionally Designed Templates– a tacky development platform that will produce low-grade students. The fact that you are learning for free does not mean that you settle for shoddy features. Look for a platform that looks clean and professional. It sets the bar high such that the students will also aim to deliver high-quality websites for their clients.

Here are 7 excellent website creator tools you can use for your class project.

1- Wix.com

Wix may be termed as the best free website creation tool considering its popularity. It has been used to create some of the most complex web platforms for businesses and professionals. Wix comes with numerous features that make web development easier while producing stunning portals.

Wix has magnificent templates where you just drag and drop onto the template. It is easy to navigate through the development process, meaning that you do not require the assistance of a skilled developer. It helps you to create a fully customizable web platform for any business.

Wix offers incredible features and tools for social media linking. There is an e-learning center for developers and you will enjoy 24/7 support. It also comes with incredible mobility options and a Wix App Market where that is ever more interactive. You also enter the Web Design Arena where seasoned industry professionals guide you on how to hack your design class. Beyond getting the platform, you will gain additional skills that turn you into a 5-Star web design professional.

2- Weebly

Weebly is designed specifically for class projects. It has an educational angle that students and teachers can recognize. While the teacher creates the main website, up to 40 students are also allowed to create their simple websites. The websites for students are limited to 5 pages. It helps you to create a platform that supports the most interactive learning today.

Weebly works by drag-and-drop. This mechanism has been regarded as the easiest for web developers today. The student will be guided through tips by the editor so that he or she understands each step taken. The editor combines seamlessly with the drag-and-drop mechanism to make development easier even for students with zero design knowledge.

A quick overview of how Weebly works will help you to start off on your project.

  • Choose a template on which you build your website. With more than 70 templates, you are spoilt for choice.
  • Unlimited blogs- use blogs to update on assignments, parent issues, projects, and announce upcoming events, among other school needs.
  • Assignment forum- the forum is designed with assignments in mind. It allows the teacher to upload documents, accept homework projects, and monitor progress, among other activities.
  1. Square Space

Square Space wins because it comes with clean and professionally designed templates. It also comes with tones of features that teachers and students would like to see on a website. It has a newsletter feature that will enable regular updating of information about the class.

Square Space offers galleries that combine images and videos. It integrates seamlessly with social media and has a scheduling feature for appointment booking. Post Scheduling is designed for teachers who prepare their lessons for the entire term but do not want to release them all at once. Schedule the posts for the entire term at a go.

  1. Duba

Duda is built on the foundation of personalization. The teacher and her class can create very personalized experiences and especially target mobile. With a drag-and-drop mechanism, you will get the best results.

  1. Site123

Do you want to build a professionally looking website in the shortest time? Site123 is the place to go. It comes with a blog layout or a portfolio theme with the opportunity to integrate plugins and social media seamlessly onto the site. It has an easy to use editor element, mobile responsive design, SEO tools, and language translator.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is regarded by designers as a full package. Whatever you may want on a website is fully available on WordPress. While it does not come with the drag-and-drop editor, it allows you to upload content in blocks that are then customized. It offers a lot of storage space, post comments, and social media integration.

  1. SimpleSite

It gets you a website in exactly 5 minutes. You have numerous themes with multiple color options and mobile-friendly settings. It is the perfect choice for beginners who still want to appear professional. It has a free plan and an editor will guide you through the development process.

Free website creators for a classroom project offer multiple features and easy to use interfaces. Choose a platform based on your needs and the skills you want to learn. You may even settle for more than one platform for different students to make learning easier.

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