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Did you know that Google Chrome constitutes a whopping 70% of the global market share for desktop internet browsers? Even though its overall growth has witnessed some stagnancy, without a doubt, Chrome is the most popular pick in the browser universe. One of the prominent reasons behind the high popularity is the massive best chrome extensions set along with builder and developer tools.

Developers are usually juggling multiple things at a time which can cause burnout if they don’t work smarter. This makes using the best tools and chrome extensions all the more important. Google Chrome extensibility makes the life of a web developer easier by providing plenty of options to boost productivity. But the real question is how does one pick the best out of countless chrome extensions out there?

Well, we’re going to save you the trouble of using the extensions you blindly stumbled upon via the Chrome web store. Here is a list of 10 of the best tried and tested Chrome extensions for developers in 2021.

1- Web developer

The Google Chrome Web Developer extension comprises a toolbar that has various useful tools for developers. Assembled together by categories such as images, forms CSS, the tools enable developers to validate the HTML of a page, view the meta tag information of a page, disable JavaScript, outline images that have alt attributes missing, hide images, find broken ones, resize the browser window, etc.

The tool features a button where developers can find tabs or categories such as cookies, disable, forms, CSS information, outline, miscellaneous tools, and resize. Every category features different options that allow developers to carry out multiple functions. Let the extensive information repository for any particular site amaze you!

2- Clear Cache

Clearing cache and removing browsing data is a significant task for web developers. The Clear Cache Google Chrome extension accomplishes the task in a single click and is highly customizable. Users can select the amount of data they wish to clean up using the options tab. This includes local storage, passwords, form data, past history, app cache downloads, and filesystems. The best thing about this extension is that it doesn’t distract you with pop-ups and constant confirmation dialogues.

3- LambdaTest extension for cross-browser testing

Even though Google Chrome is the most popular browser, no business can afford to overlook cross-browser testing. With so many internet users all over the world, different browsers and their browser versions are still in use. This makes the LambdaTest extension for cross-browser testing extremely useful for web developers.

Using just a single click, developers and testers can take screenshots of the complete page of a website across various desktop and mobile browsers. These screenshots come in handy to determine the cross-browser compatibility of web pages and websites.

If you wish to take automatic screenshots on around 25 browser configurations and operating systems at once, you can accomplish this with two simple steps. Click on the screenshot Chrome extension icon of LambdaTest and select the configuration. The extension will also provide you with all the necessary details of the previous screenshot tests.

4- ColorZilla

With a user base of more than 2 million, ColorZilla initially started out as a Firefox extension. Now it has made its way through Google Chrome and it is one of the best eyedroppers and color picker extensions ever. You can use ColorZilla as a color picker to pick the color of your choice on any webpage. All you have to do is hover over the mouse pointer on a pixel and you will get the HTX and RGB formats of the color code used.

Developers and designers can also generate gradients and create palettes with the help of a wide array of color tools. Another impressive feature is that the extension allows its users to check the history of the color they picked. The versatility of the tool makes it a top choice among graphic designers as well as web developers all over the world.

5- Wappalyzer

If you’re looking for an open-source and a cross-platform Chrome extension for uncovering technologies, your search ends at Wappalyzer. If app developers can easily identify various technologies any website or application uses, it can prove to be of great help. That’s exactly what the Wappalyzer extension helps web developers accomplish. It automatically detects various tools as well as technologies such as analytics tools with gets, CMS, server software, databases, plugins, libraries, side generators, and JavaScript frameworks.

6- Window Resizer

Web developers often need to emulate different screen resolutions. Window resize was not only facilitates that, but it also lets users customize presets and rotate their screen. Of course, as the name suggests, developers can easily resize their browser window. Just go to the menu bar and click on the icon. It will provide a drop-down menu displaying various window sizes with the help of which developers can customize.

For instance, adding custom screen resolutions could have never been easier! You can easily change the preset icon, height, width, and position of the current window by simply opening the popup UI of the toolbar and clicking on on the layout settings of your choice. The best thing about window resizer is that the extension offers developers the option for launching it as a popup.

This enables switching between a number of screen resolutions and check the working of media breakpoints according to expectations. The Chrome extension provides developers the choice to export their settings so that they can import them if required on a different device. Not to mention, the global key shortcuts make different tasks a lot easier!

7- Lorem Ipsum generator

Even though the primary task of a developer is to build a website or an application it’s important to know how the project is going to look like. For instance, a developer has to find out how a particular page will look after the content is published. In this case, it is important to fill in some sample text or dummy content for the purpose of testing.

This is where the Lorem Ipsum generator extension for Google Chrome comes into the picture. It quickly generates chunks of sample text and helps developers determine how the actual project is going to turn out. Users can easily change the number of sentences and paragraphs as per requirement.

8- Font Face Ninja

Font Face Ninja is the best Chrome extension for identifying the fonts available online. The extension also features a drop-down window where you can easily test out the font by writing something. The extension helps developers with spotting different fonts, lines, and letter spacing as well as the size of the font. It also enables the user to know the color hex code of a particular font. to know these details, all you need to do is hover the mouse pointer over the text for instantaneous information.

9- JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier

As the name suggests, JavaScript and CSS code beautifier improve the readability of the code. Usually, the browser source code can look like a messy word jumble piled up in a huge junk. But with the help of this extension, developers can enhance the readability of the file with colored text, proper spacing, and indentation. If you explore other options of this extension, you will find that you can easily change the font, theme, and tons of other stuff.

Final Words

Gone are the days when developers had to brainstorm for hours to solve every little problem. Every good developer knows how to do their job. But the above-mentioned tools go a long way in increasing productivity and making their job easier.

We’ve included the best ones out there from which you can make an informed choice depending on your specific requirements. You can even use a combination of these to accomplish different tasks. Do you have any particular tool in mind that deserves to be on our top 10 list? Sound off in the comments section below.

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