9 Steps to Get Millions of Views on Your YouTube Marketing Campaign

According to stats, YouTube has become the second most-used search engine platform because it has been owned by Google. However, YouTube has managed to increase the user base which has made YouTube the largest video providing network. The platform has managed to saturate the smartphone market as well because increasing people are using YouTube from their smartphones.

YouTube has managed to reach multiple generations because everyone is using smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you belong to GenX, GenZ, and GenY because YouTube is available for everyone. However, if we look at the American stats, people aged from 18 years old to 49 years old are actively using the app.

With these stats, an increasing number of people are trying to make it big with YouTube because there are monetization features through which people can earn money. In addition, the content creators on YouTube are being called the vloggers and influencers, and to be honest, the audience trusts them way more than they trust the celebrities.

But all of these things have been used by the businesses as well because they are actively looking for marketing tactics. But to yield progressive and effective results from the marketing-focused videos, one needs to ensure a higher number of views. So, if you don’t know about how to increase the number of views, You can Buy youtube views from smmpoint or you can follow nine basic steps which shall help achieve the goals!

Set The Goals

Whenever you are designing the marketing campaign, you need to design the quality metrics and what number of views will define your success. Also, you need to see what mediums will be used, such as messaging, and how the brand will be portrayed. In addition, you can outline the length of each video, the cost per video views, and the cost per conversion.

Set The Budget 

You need to work upon the costs per views of the videos and you will need to work upon the audience size, demographics, reach, engagement, genre, sponsorship type, industry vertical, and length of integrations. In addition, when you are choosing down the influencer, you will need to check their loyalty with the brands.

While you are at the thought of measuring cost per views, it needs to be .04 to .07 cents. Also, you need to designate money for content creation, such as blog posts, landing pages, and promotion. In addition, the analytics software has to be decided for promotion purposes, tracking, and manpower costs.

Create The Theme 

The theme of the YouTube video can be anything as long as it’s capturing the attention of the target audience. You should be able to modify the content according to changes in the track of the marketing campaign. While you are at it, you need to understand that integrations aren’t advertisements. This is because your videos shouldn’t look like the commercials because it can put you off negatively. If you’re a whiteboard animation production company showing off your animation skills, make sure to only post your best whiteboard animations and ensure they don’t seem like they’re selling something, unless you think it will be helpful to viewers.

Work On the Selection 

You need to jot down the channel demographic, genres, and industry. The demographics will share information about the location, age, and size. Your marketing campaign should align with their interests and also, you need to design the content that resonates with your brand image and target audience.

The Pitch Letter

You need to be clear of the campaign requirements and also, think about the integration video. In addition, you need to outline the messages that will be delivered through the videos and in what timeline do you intend on making this video a hit. You need to design the promotional requirements and other information through which the proposal response will be designed. However, you need to be sure of adding the quirky factor to your content.

Hire The Right People

In the marketing campaign, you need to be considerate about the influencer that you are starring in the videos. The influencer and starring person needs to meet the brand criteria and design the storylines. Also, you can recruit new talent from the agencies and hire the influencers from the influencer marketplace.

Design The Contract 

While you are at it and hiring the star of the video marketing campaign, you need to jot down all the essential details in the contract. The type of integration, project timeline, messages, success factors, video ads, promotions, and reviews should be identified and outlined in the project agreement. you can follow pewdiepie YouTube channel and his activities

Test Everything 

Before you launch anything on YouTube and launch the marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you call everything down to test. It is advised to conduct the alpha and beta testing to ensure videos and the final outcome is top-notch.


Once you have taken care of everything such as agreement, project timeline, and videos, and promotional content, you need to launch the videos. Also, it will define the marketing campaign and you can sit back to see how the marketing campaign is progressing!

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