Adopt Auto Proctoring and Remote Proctoring During Online Tests

In present global health crisis, many countries are forced to impose lock down situation to prevent health hazards. A new virus in name of Covid 19 has spread in many countries affecting humans. Features of virus are unknown to the world and no confirmed treatment is still available to health care professionals. Many affected people have been killed and worldwide nearly 2 lacks people have been killed. The virus can rapidly spread from human to human by touch, sneezing, coughing etc.  Therefore, as per WHO guidelines social distancing is the prime objective to follow to prevent the virus from spreading.

Enhancement of e learning with virtual proctoring

The affected countries in world have already closed all schools, colleges and universities to get rid of virus. In this condition, online classes are sharply rising with online tests and examinations. Many students have already been enrolled for online learning and method of e –learning will be promoted. Auto proctoring also will be boosted up in case of tests and examinations. Virtual proctoring space is gradually gaining importance. Since last 5 -7 years, method of proctoring is flourishing in case of remote examinations. Online learning with remote examination is increasing gradually in rapid manner. It is estimated by 2020, online proctoring will gain wide space in market.

Common technological facilities required

Online proctoring for conducting remote examination has become more popular and effective method to cope up present situation.  To conduct online proctoring the following faculties should be accommodated:

  • Desktop PC or laptop, mobile or tablet compatible to the whole system
  • Facilities of net connection in stable condition
  • Microphone with webcam facilities
  • Browser compatible to the device

Role of a proctor

In online proctoring, audio-video feeds are shared online for controlling the tests. Particular software is used to detect any fraud during conduction of tests. Using different software, any fraud of different person in room can be detected. Online assessment has become a compulsory mode to conduct online test. Global health crisis has made this process to adopt online proctoring. This is carried out with technological facilities, so that no fraud can be done during the tests. A proctor is qualified and trained person who is eligible for conducting online test without any fraud mechanism. At the time of any fraud, remote proctor may be changed at any instant of time. Online proctoring is conducted in supervision of neutral authenticated proctor. The webcam and device of the candidate are connected to the website of the examination during the conduction of test.

Role of webcam in online proctoring

Online exams which are proctored are timed. The software controls the audio, videos with webcam. The identity of the candidate must be verified before conducting online test. Auto proctoring is used for instructors and candidates like face to face classroom. This method may be applied for midterm, final exam to create great impact using webcam. The desk, photo ID of candidates is scanned with webcam. It offers wide important role in case of online proctoring.

Features of remote assessment

Remote proctoring is type of service which defines the role of proctor on site. The identity of test taker can be revealed in this way. The process can take care of integrity of exam with safeguarding the system. Off site proctor also monitors the overall test by internet or phone assessment. Remote proctor cannot access the files in computer during tests. Proctors can take from test takers and can view the computer screen. Remote proctor actually monitors as administrative controller in office. Some online sites offer remote proctoring which is free from cheating.

Remote proctoring solutions

Mettl offers remote proctoring software which is eligible for detecting cheating with 95% of accuracy. Human based proctoring will be verified by photo verification, ID verification, and quick authentication through OTP. The company offers solutions where data is secured with some salient features. Multimode authentication process verifies examinee with strict security. Student personal data, question bank, exam results all are kept with high security for remote proctoring solutions. Data security features include internal and external audits. Mettl has achieved 1 lack proctored assessment in a day. Innovative technology is applied to achieve the required status. The experts for proctoring have achieved experiences with candidates.

The best remote proctoring solutions

Mettl is one of the best remote proctoring solution providers. The reasons are as follows:

  • Quick integration
  • High level of data security
  • Auto generated reports
  • Seamless admin and candidate
  • Incorporated with anti-cheating features
  • Minimum process intervention

Salient features of remote assessment

Remote proctoring solutions offer candidates to sit for online examinations. But integrity is maintained during the process. The candidates must confirm the full identity at the test. There are various types of online tests like objective tests. These types of objective tests are conducted online on the subjects of candidates to assess his or her ability to cope the subject. In present lock down condition, it is not possible to travel and give the offline exams. In this condition, online exam is the best option. But, online test without proctoring is not acceptable. Therefore, provision of proctored exam in the lock down condition is much more acceptable to avoid cheating. Remote proctoring solutions can offer high security features which are admirable in this online test process.



Online exam without proctoring is often reported with cases of cheating. Now, offline mode of tests is not possible at lock down condition as many countries are imposing ban of transports due to prevent spreading of Covid 19.To continue with studies and assessment , online learning is acceptable by all s with online test with auto proctoring or remote proctoring. Cheating may be adopted by referring textbooks, smart phones or other devices for searching answers. So, proctoring is essential for online tests. Mettl is offering proctoring solutions which is full of tight security. Cheating is not possible with proctored exams. Adoption of software package is vital for taking online tests and assessments.

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