Advantages and material types for CNC milling

CNC milling is a method to adapt an item, it is one of the CNC services. This technology makes use of a tool that will spin around and remove parts of the material. This way you will end up with an object that has a completely different shape than when you started the process. CNC milling is seen as a subtractive production method since you essentially cut off material. This is completely different than for example 3D printing services, which could also be done. However, if you prefer CNC milling then you could use the following three types of material.


One of the possibilities regarding the materials that can be used for CNC mill is wood. Of course, there are multiple types of wood, which is in fact very important with this technology. Each type has its own properties and characteristics. Therefore, they will all behave differently if they are treated with a CNC milling machine. It is thus very important that the right cutting tools will be used for each specific type of wood. This way you can edit all types in a very detailed and beautiful manner. Obviously, it is also necessary that the material has a high quality.


Besides wood, it is also possible to CNC mill plastic which also a part of the CNC service, which can also be used to 3D print an item. These materials are often employed to replace a different type of material. Plastic often replaces wood or steel, for example. This is because the plastic materials will wear out over time, so it is much more sustainable than especially wood. Besides that, it is also impossible for plastic to rot. Unfortunately, that is not the case with wood. There are naturally different types of plastic. It is for instance possible to use polycarbonate, but you could also pick acrylate.


So, wood and plastic are types of material that can be employed in CNC mill, but this is also possible with specific metal types. A great example of this is aluminum. This material can be milled in a lot of different shapes and is mostly used if the product needs to light but firm. Besides that, you can also use multiple types of steel in a CNC mill. An option is stainless steel. This material is obviously well known because it is resistant to corrosion, other metals do not have this feature.

The advantages of CNC milling

CNC milling is a subtractive production method. This may be hard to understand, but it makes a lot of sense in fact. During this process, an object will be developed because a machine will remove parts from a solid block. To be able to do this, this CNC service uses specific tools to cut away the material. This is therefore completely different from what a 3D print service will do to create a three-dimensional item with a 3D printer. CNC milling is used a lot, which is partially due to the three advantages mentioned in this article.

Fast production

A big advantage of CNC milling is that it is a quick process, it will not take long to develop an item. Because of this, the production will obviously be finished quite quickly too. This will lead to the created products being delivered to the customer in the space of a few days. In the last few years, the time to produce an object with a CNC milling machine has decreased loads. This mostly happened because the new CNC systems are much faster and better than the older processes. Besides that, also the software has been improved drastically lately.

Small orders

Besides that, it is possible to produce small orders with CNC milling. If you do this, you will experience that the price is still relatively low. It is for example already possible to develop ten to a hundred items. If you order 10 identical objects the price per piece will be around 70 percent lower than one product. This is possible due to the benefit of CNC milling, which will only be made with bigger orders. The costs to start CNC milling are quite high, but these will be spread for the big productions. In these cases, the benefit will be used.

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