You’d be forgiven for considering the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch is a restricted one-time be offering, however it seems this may no longer in truth be the case. A Nintendo Switch subreddit consumer by means of the identify of hlin1993 not too long ago noticed an enchanting footnote at the backside of the Hong Kong Nintendo webpage that includes this themed package deal.

Here’s what it says, consistent with Google Translate:

Specially designed major devices and wearing circumstances don’t seem to be restricted in amount. Will be re-produced one day

So, for those who neglected out on a pre-order, there may simply be an opportunity of securing this kind of Animal Crossing-themed Switch one day. In announcing this, there is been no point out of extra devices being producer for right here within the west.

While different themed Switch have won further inventory prior to now, it is at all times to great listen about extra devices doubtlessly being made to be had – even supposing there don’t seem to be essentially any promises.

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