AR and VR - Future of Gaming
AR and VR - Future of Gaming

Due to technological advancements, almost every industry you can imagine is transforming into its best version. From banking and finance to sports and dating, you can see these innovations almost everywhere.

With this being said, online gambling is one of the industries enjoying the benefits of technological innovations, with two pieces of tech rapidly developing: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). While Artificial Intelligence is dominating the world of online gambling – like the technology that you will experience in gambling sites at, AR and VR are slowly making their way to enhance the digital gambling experience.

AR and VR are expected to significantly change online gambling since the smartphone’s online gaming domination. With these new technologies, gambling site operators are hoping to massively improve and transform their game’s user experience.

AR and VR explained

AR and VR are almost the same as these technologies alter the way you see and interact with your environment. However, they change the environment in different ways, and each requires different hardware.

As its name suggests, augmented reality adds elements to your existing environment by placing a layer of virtual things and sensory experiences over the physical world. For example, AR can add characters, user interfaces, and audio to your usual surroundings, like your garden or bedroom. Using AR, you can visualize monsters eating on your dining table or giant bugs crawling on your bedroom walls.

Pokémon GO is one of the popular apps that use AR technology right now. This mobile app uses the technology to render tiny monsters in the gamers’ environment according to the information collected from the GPS location, local time, and camera. Basic AR technology is also used in facial filters and similar mobile applications.

Normally, AR does not require special hardware aside from a smartphone to use the application. However, some advanced uses required dedicated eyewear. In addition, AR is easier to develop compared to VR as it doesn’t render backgrounds – it uses the user’s environment as the background.

At the same time, virtual reality creates an almost completely simulated virtual environment. This technology will bring you to a whole new virtual world. VR offers a unique experience as it can take you away from your real surroundings. However, only a few people can enjoy this technology because it needs a special headset and speakers to run.

On the verge of a new online gambling revolution

These two pieces of technology will make online gambling a lot more exciting. However, AR and VR gambling is still new, and establishing ways for these technologies to work with online gambling is a big challenge to game developers. Moreover, while both technologies became popular a few years ago, especially among gamers, they are still far from widely available.

The latest technology innovation in the online gambling world is smartphone-ready gambling games and apps. This new version of online gambling has freed the players from being tied to their PCs, land-based casinos, and betting shops, allowing them to play on the go.

Another crucial improvement in online gambling is the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This technology placed a new layer of privacy and profitability while making all transactions safer and faster.

The use of AR and VR technologies in online gambling has only one goal: to improve the game’s user experience. The goal of these technologies is to create an atmosphere of a real casino that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Uses of VR and AR in Online Gambling

An important lesson learned by gambling providers is that online gambling is important. This is especially true when most people are locked at home, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality

The betting and gambling industry has seen a huge increase in profitability during the lockdown, thanks to betting and gambling sites. What’s more impressive is most players stick to playing online even though the lockdown measures were softened. With this in mind, the worth of online gambling is expected to hit $72.02 billion in 2021.

Virtual reality will allow the players to step into a whole 3D casino, allowing the player to move around the place. Inside the virtual casino, you can go from one table to another, talk to other online gamblers, get a drink, interact with the dealer, choose various games, and even have a smoke while enjoying a cigarette break. This being said, there’s a huge chance for you to visit and play from some of the world’s top casinos without leaving your home.

Meanwhile, AR’s possible applications are twofold. First, it can offer the same feature as VR as it can offer online gamblers the experience of playing in a real physical casino. Second, it can also do things such as rendering a live dealer wherever you are, offer additional options, stats, games, etc.

Second, land-based casinos can use this technology by providing players with crucial information, such as last-won jackpots, promotion and bonuses, slot machine’s payout data, and more. AR software for casinos is still developing, so these uses are merely speculations.

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The features of these new technological advancements sound very promising but still come with significant obstacles when it comes to implementation. But there’s no doubt that these pieces of technology have sparked a lot of interest among operators, investors, and online gamblers. However, until more advanced software becomes widely available and specialized hardware becomes more affordable, VR and AR in online gambling will stay in the border or the market.

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