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The gambling industry has been undergoing big changes in the last 25 years, in 1994, Isle of Man-based Microgaming developed the first online casino software. Originally very simplistic and only offering a few games it soon became apparent that there was a big market for online casinos and gambling. And since 1994 the industry has come a long way, today millions of people all over the world enjoy the online casino experience, more than physically going to a traditional casino.

There are many advantages to playing online casino games, try visiting bestes casino for a great experience, the main thing many people prefer is they can gamble from anywhere. Most people visit online casinos from the comfort of their own home, all you need is an internet connection, computer – laptop, or smart device, and a credit card to open an account with one of the many casino operators online. Without the need to travel potentially hours to play in a brick and mortar casino, which of course costs you money before you have even got to the casino.

Relaxing at home or on your lunch break is a much more convenient way to gamble. The industry is keen not to revel in its success, constantly looking for ways to integrate new technologies, to make the experience of online casinos more user-friendly and fun.

Live Dealer Games Are Now a Favorite Way to Play

In the last years, advanced live dealer games have become a big hit with online gamblers. The online gaming industry wanted to replicate the personnel experience that traditional casinos offer, and they have been successful. Using streaming technology, the game is played out live from any location, often real casinos, in real-time. This gives the gambler a more connected and personal feel to the game, due in part to the interactive nature of live dealer games.

After the initial success, online casinos are working with developers to try and improve the current format. They hope to improve the number of people who can join a stream, increase the number and types of games that can be played, and increase the locations used for live dealer games. As more locations such as famous casinos or landmarks are used it will give the gambler a more familiar interactive experience.

Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize The Online Casino Industry

Virtual reality technology is not new, it has been around for years. Used in many different ways, by different professions across the world, and now the online gambling industry is getting in on the act. It has already been used by a few online casinos but it is really just in trial stages at the moment, software and hardware is being specifically designed for the purpose of online gambling. Currently, virtual reality is being used for:

  • Sports: Virtual reality technology is being used by coaches and players to help with training and analyzing performance.
  • The Military: Both the United Kingdom and the United States use virtual reality for a variety of training in all the branches of their armed forces, particularly flight training and practicing battlefield maneuvers.
  • Medical Training: The health services are always under pressure to reduce costs, virtual reality can help by allowing medical students to practice procedures. Practicing whenever they like, and when it comes to helping a real patient they already know and understand what they are facing, especially helpful for surgery.

From the online casino perspective, it is the evolution of live dealer games. Virtual reality will be able to immerse the gambler into a casino setting, being able to look and walk around the virtual casino. Being able to talk with the dealer and other players, it is widely believed that this will be the future of online casino gambling and the ultimate gambling experience.

Online Casinos Are Starting to Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has only recently started to come to people’s attention, we read about it all the time due to the cryptocurrency boom of the past few years. Basically, blockchain is a digital ledger that is stored on a distributed network allowing data to be distributed but not copied. The online gaming and casino industries can benefit from this due to the fact that blockchain is decentralized. Whilst online casinos still have to follow government financial regulations, blockchain has no central authority to govern it.

Online casino players who use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to gamble have more privacy. The transaction is not tied to any bank, players will not be required to give the same level of personal information. Deposits and withdrawals are processed much quicker than using traditional methods, something all gamblers and online casinos get frustrated by currently.

Targeting of Potential Customers is Getting Better 

If you own a smartphone or tablet it is very likely it has a GPS tracker in it, which gives online casinos an advantage in attracting new customers. Land-based casinos can track you also, but when the tracking data is compiled with other data from your phone. Such as what you search for online and other activities you use your smart device for, it makes targeting specific adverts aimed solely for you easier. 

Imagine that you check for flights from New York to Bangkok, even if it is only once, the next time you look at your device you will see adverts for flights from New York to Bangkok. Online casinos unlike traditional casinos can use the same technology to keep sending advertising specifically to you unless you use software to block them. Regular players of online games whether they are slots online, poker, or any other games on gambling sites will constantly see advertisements for related sites.


Many people agree with the future of casinos and gambling is going to shift to online platforms, to some extent it already has begun. Other people argue the opposite, you can never truly replicate the atmosphere, the sounds, or even the smells of traditional brick and mortar casinos, that is not going to stop the online casino industry from trying. After all, is that a bet you would like to place? There is only growth predicted for online casinos, and technology will be at the forefront of this.

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