There are a lot of websites that provide you a way of getting the pleasure of watching movies for free like 123movies. Not everyone can afford the charges of subscriptions of Netflix or any other sites, that’s the reason for people making more and more websites that allow you to watch online movies online without paying anything.

There are a lot of websites for free online movies; most of them are not working according to the guidelines of the law. They use fake IP addresses and use VPN to get their way. 123movies is an authentic platform that gives you the services that you were expecting from a website and also the movies that you wanted to watch. All the movies that a good website will provide you is legally permitted by the individual that has its copyright.

When you log in to their welcome webpage, you get so many advantages; let us talk about those in details:

Most of the websites only give you access to movies and one or two web-series. But 123movies provide you access to almost every popular web-series which are under the public domain, or they can get their hands by getting permission from them. 

All the latest movies and web-series can be streamed at the instant, and you don’t have to waste your internet and your time downloading them. Streaming a movie online is better because you don’t need to wait for it to be on your device, and it also uses fewer internet data by streaming.

1- According to the genre:

If you are in a mood to watch the movie according to a specific genre like, comedy, horror, adventure, sci-fi, drama, action, and many more, you can watch those by selecting the genre according to what suits your mood. You will get many suggestions on 123movies, and then you can easily select the movie and start watching it without any hassle.

It gets tiring to select a movie when there is no option to select from the genre. When there is no specific option to select, you get confused between the movies and which one to choose from the options that the website is allowing you to have and watch. But with the genre-specific option, you can select and watch it in time.

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2- No need to pay:

Some websites say that you can watch free online movies, but that is mostly only half the information. When you log in to their website, they show free movies, and they are generally the most outdated movies. They also allow watching the latest movies, but they are paid movies.

You need to pay a certain amount, and then they let you watch those latest movies, and even after paying money for them, they are not legal, and they stop in the middle of the movie, which disappoints you a lot. 

123movies give you access to movies that are latest and are for free. There is no catch in their terms and conditions. You get what you ask for, and you can access it anytime because professionals do the website’s web-designing, so you don’t need any mobile app to watch on your device.

3- Top-rated IMDB movies:

You don’t have to waste your time on a movie that is not worth it. You can find every movie that is popular on this website, and you only need a good compatible communication device with a good internet connection. An internet connection plays a big role in this also. If your internet bandwidth is not compatible with the website or if the internet is too slow, you will not be able to stream the movie and neither be able to download it. 

IMDB lets you know the movie’s rating and a short description so that before starting the movie, you can analyze the ratings, and if the description suits your interest, you can go for the movie right away, or you can move on to another one.

4- You can change the server and language:

123movies gets you the movie on your device with the help of other servers. If one server is not working, you can switch to another one. Online movie websites also provide you the way to change the language of the movie or the online web-series that you are watching. You also get subtitles, which will help you understand the topic better and be easy to watch.  

Why should you go for a legal website?

Illegal websites are just frauds and will not let you see the movies that you want appropriately. They mostly use ads to get paid, and you get a lot of ads while watching the movie, which ruins the experience totally for you. 123movies never let the ad come in the way of your entertainment, and it never makes you subscribe to the ads or software that might ruin the software of your communication device. 

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A legal website like 123movies will also provide you the care or help service so that you can get the proper fun experience on their website. A fraud website makes you click on VPN software ads or make you subscribe to their third-party members for watching the movie. This shows that they are not working under any guidelines or regulations of the government’s law.

If you come across such a website, take a leave from there immediately and never fall into the trap of such websites. They can make you get into some illegalities by showing you how you can watch movies online free(ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี) with them without paying anything. But they offer something else, and you get another thing which can also get you into a lot of trouble because the law isn’t something fun to mess with.


123movies is a genuine website, and you will get all the services you deserve, and you can enjoy your movies with friends or your family very easily. There are movies that you can watch and also a lot of movies that are for kids.

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