Automatic allows you to set up subscriptions for virtually any content linked in RSS feeds: podcasts, videocasts, torrentcasts… Rule of thumb: if it ends in ‘-cast’, you can get it with Automatic.

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Once set up, there’s nothing else to do but sit back and wait. Automatic will fetch and deliver the latest content for your subscriptions right to your download folder (*), so all that’s left for you is to find some time to enjoy it!

Built-in Awesomeness

By far, the most popular application of broadcatching is TV subscriptions. Using preset subscriptions, Automatic now makes it brain-dead easy to catch up on your favorite TV shows. Browse or search the show listing, press ‘Add’ and you’re done! (*) The listing, as well as the show and episode information are all updated with the latest and greatest, doubling as a great mini-guide.

On its own, Automatic will start downloading only new episodes. However, you can set it to start at an earlier date – great for recapping and getting up-to-speed. It’ll even provide shows in HD, if available.


That tired acronym? Bring Your Own Feed. Presets are great, but if you have a special, super-exclusive private feed and want to use it, Automatic has you covered. Set up a custom subscription, using a wide array of rules to match exactly what you want.

And you don’t have to go in blind-folded, either. Automatic provides an up-to-date snapshot of your feed, applying rules as you set them. This way you can see the effect they’ll have, in real-time. No surprises!

Invisibility vs. Transparency

The single most important design goal for Automatic: you never have to know it’s there, unless you want to. Automatic doesn’t run all the time – instead, it launches occasionally to check for new content, then goes back to sleep. You can set up notifications for various events to stay updated.

In addition to notifications, you can use the new Activity pane to monitor downloads in progress, see a detailed log of whatever Automatic has been up to, or just check when its next scheduled refresh will be.