Baume And Mercier: A Touch Of Modern And Elegant Collection Of Timepiece

The famous Baume and Mercier have been around the watch industry since 1830 when the two watchmaker brothers, namely Celestin Baume and Louis-Victor Bame, founded this company. Their brand’s logo was inspired by the Greek word “Phi,” which indicates the traditional round shapes of their watches, which is their iconic signature.

This company has proven its high-quality and unique designs of watches for 190 years. Until now, they have created modern-like designs that would exceed their customer’s expectations and preferences. All of their watches are manufactured in Switzerland but being sold around the globe. Here is one of the newest released watches for your buying reference.

Baume Et Mercier Model M0A10404

This is one of the Baume and Mercier watches under the Clifton Baumatic, designed with perfection just for men. The dial of this timepiece is colored in silver and has a Luminescence finish. Each hour marker has a black outline and a white in the middle with a stick-like style. The hands of this watch are colored in white together with its two subdials.

The case of this watch is entirely made out of stainless steel with a transparent back, which you can see its details. The straps are made of Calfskin leather, which makes it unique and durable among the other brands, and it is water-resistant for 50 meters. A watch that is perfect for any casual attire will only cost you $3,092.

Baume Et Mercier Model M0A10055

Another detailed design from the Baume and Mercier Clifton club is perfectly crafted just from men. This watch is created with care to provide the highest quality and long-lasting watch for all its loyal clients. One of their luxury watch that would fit any man’s wardrobe whether they are off for some business meetings, parties, even for casual attires. It’s a must-have!

The watch is entirely made out of the finest stainless steel together with its case. The dial of this watch is crafted from silver with Arabic numeral indexes and hands made out of gold-tone stainless steel.  Its strap is created from premium leather with a special water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. The price of this limited edition watch is at $3,464.

Baume Et Mercier Model M0A10343

Baume and Mercier created another luxury watch from the Clifton Baumatic series, which is exclusively designed for men. This watch has an automatic feature that would quickly change its time, depending on the time zone. A luxurious and sophisticated watch that would perfectly complement any type of wardrobe, whether it’s casual or a formal one.

This watch’s dial is colored in blue with Arabic numerals in a white tone and two hands in a luminous silver-tone that perfectly complements its silver case that is made out of high-quality stainless steel. The straps are made from carbon fiber, and it has a water-resistant feature at 50 meters. A luxury watch crafted for perfection at a selling price of $5,092.

Baume Et Mercier Model M0A10403

One of the Clifton Baumatic series by Baume and Mercier is amazingly stunning and full of class. This watch is best worn for formal attires and casual and can be used on any occasion. Styled out of perfection, this watch will truly be noticeable to any crowd you’re into because of its magnificent design.

This other luxury watch is completely made from high-quality stainless steel with a black dial and luminous silver-tone hands that go perfectly with its hour markers. This watch has two subdials that would indicate the minutes and seconds. It also has a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. It’s a perfect silver, black watch that is completely long-lasting, only at $2,944.


This is a new collection of high-quality and premium watches that are handcrafted by professionals to perfection just for men. Their watches are 100% durable and long-lasting, which would make a perfect addition to your collection.

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