Cryptocurrencies in Online Games
Cryptocurrencies in Online Games


Cryptocurrency is a digital form of payment that can be exchanged for goods or services purchased online. Several companies have already created their own currencies known as tokens, which can only be traded for these particular companies’ goods or services.

Cryptocurrencies use a rare technology known as a blockchain – a decentralized system spread across multiple computers to manage and record all transactions carried out within the network.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, modern online casinos and in online games are slowly adapting it to transact across their platforms. Unlike before, you can play BTC crypto dice in your favorite online casino. There are several benefits of using crypto over other means, and we’ll be highlighting them in this article.

#1. Security

Security is one of the most critical aspects of all online engagements, and to a more considerable degree, across online casinos. Operators of these casinos have a centralized server where the personal details of their customers are kept. These are often very sensitive details such as banking details, user location, and names. As the industry continues to work towards eliminating cases of data theft and fraud, most users are wary of these ordinary casinos.

With cryptocurrency gambling, hackers have no chance. No debit or credit cards are used, so no details are stored in any particular database. That leaves the casino’s reputation safe, meaning gamers can do their thing without the fear of being exposed or robbed. Customer details are not held in any external server, and better still, customers do not necessarily have to provide their own details when transacting. In summary, there is player confidence when accessing any site.

#2. Easy Withdrawals

There is usually no centralized source when playing in crypto casinos. Unlike banks and other financial institutions that use centralized systems in their operations, cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology that eliminates the middleman, meaning transactions go through without having to wait for a processing time. Typically, an authorizing party is required for banks to disburse funds to a particular recipient. That translates to a longer waiting period.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies in online games withdrawals have very little processing time. They are usually instant, and players have access to their winnings when they need them.

#3. Cheaper Transactions

Apart from being a secure form of payment, the amount paid as transaction fees is very small, sometimes zero. This is because transactions are not passed through any third-party system or service.

In most cases, though, a small fee is deducted from the amount withdrawn. This amount is meant for the maintenance of smooth operations in the blockchain.

#4. Bonuses and Promotions

The level of bonuses and the run of promotions you can get when you use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in online games is always high. In traditional casinos, what you can get as a bonus is somewhere between 50-100 percent. In Bitcoin casinos, a 100 percent match bonus is almost a guarantee on your first deposit.

There are bonuses on your next couple of deposits, and if you’re lucky, you can get a lifetime to reload bonuses. Further, you can get free spins or cashback bonuses.

#5. Value

The price of Bitcoin is not constant. It can rise or drop, but it has appreciated steadily over the last few months. What makes crypto gambling so profitable is the fact that you can withdraw your winnings from an online casino when the value of Bitcoin is low and retain it to get better value when the value appreciates. Sometimes it takes only a few days for the value to shoot up.

Essentially, keep an eye on the price charts of cryptocurrencies to be on the safe side. You can earn vital profits within a short time, provided you are a high roller.

#6. Privacy

When the first digital coin was created, the primary reason was to address privacy. Bitcoin was the first coin to be launched in 2009 after it became difficult to regulate traditional banking methods. A cryptocurrency is a decentralized unit that falls under no government’s jurisdiction.

What that means is that user details cannot be seen anywhere. Users only need to provide their cryptocurrency wallet’s address, and that is it.

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The casino industry was one of the worst-hit sectors in terms of fraud, where many people lost money to hackers. The new decentralized system ensures that personal data is safe and chances of getting your money stolen are almost zero.


Cryptocurrency is not as widely used across online casinos as it ought to be, given the number of advantages. The recent wave, however, shows that we could be set for a new dawn. Reviews from existing crypto casinos are encouraging, and more people are taking the bold step. Awareness is also playing out as a significant factor. More people know about Bitcoin and other digital coins than before, and they also seem to trust it more. The narrative that Bitcoin is a trading tool is slowly getting invalidated, and people view it as a safe way of making payments.

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