Best Cybersecurity Resources

Being updated about the surrounding things is an advantage. Here, you need to check out several cybersecurity resources available on the internet today. Since the number of these cybersecurity resources is at its peak, finding the right one might be hard for you.

To help you out, we have created a list of the best cybersecurity resources and the things it offers. Through this, you will stay ahead of the game. Each resource enables you to receive real-time updates regarding relevant websites on the internet.

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The good thing about this blog is that it provides you information regarding data protection and privacy, apart from cybersecurity details. The primary focus of this blog is about a business perspective, and it tackles the latest issues related to the business world, which includes GDPR and other relevant business regulations. This blog offers two principal focuses. The first one is about the personal security perspective, and the other one is about the security and privacy of a business.

Naked Security

We consider Sophos to be the expert in the cybersecurity industry. It started its service in 1985 and even until now. Naked Security is the perfect blog to keep you updated regarding information security. Also, it tackles news about vectors and threats. Aside from that, they are also the leading brand for surveillance and privacy. 

Unlike Infospectives, Sophos blog has a wider and expanded coverage. They provide reliable details regarding government security, data loss, privacy, and law. They produce interesting blogs to read. If you want to stay at the top of the game, Naked Security by Sophosdownload should be one of your top choices.

Perimeter 81

Since 2018, Perimeter 81 has quickly gained traction in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Network as a Service market and is transforming the way companies consume cyber and network security. Perimeter 81 has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor, holds a patent for Automatic Wi-Fi Security, and is considered by industry leaders to be winning the “SASE space race”. In their blog, you would find vast resources to stay updated with all recent trends regarding Cybersecurity. 

Krebs on Security

In the world of cybersecurity, there is a name, Brian Krebs, that will stand out. The blog is popular because of breaking and making the news. Brian Krebs is a top cybercrime authority, New York Times Bestselling Author, and a top-notch investigative journalist. The blog reads to reach over one million per month.

Krebs is the one who publicizes the news regarding data breaches and major heists, which include what happened in Neiman arcus, Target, and Adobe. Considering this, there is no doubt Krebs is one of the top blogs in terms of the cybersecurity field.


Another famous cybersecurity broadcaster and evangelist, who uses several social media platforms to break security industry news is Javvad Malik. Aside from that, he is also an AlienVault’s security advocate. He creates blogs that cover several areas, including personal musings, threat analysis, and cybersecurity insights.

But his advocacy does not stop there. He also created his video playlist containing educational discussions about social engineering, encryption, and ransomware. His news section is a good place to visit to stay updated regarding real-time cybersecurity news.

SC Magazine

Standard magazines talk about the happenings in the cybersecurity industry. An excellent source to visit is SC Magazine. SC Magazine makes not only the headline news but also breaks it. The magazine comprises several columns, which include events and product reviews. When you visit the Cybercrime section, the magazine will welcome you with overwhelming data regarding threats and hacks.

SC Magazine analyzes several types of cyberattacks and publishes them briefly and thoroughly. Each news they post is happening in the present time. The good thing about this magazine is that it has a monthly focus.

Threat Level is the company behind the Threat Level Blog. Wired is providing the latest news and information at the fastest pace. The blog tackles different areas in cybersecurity, including threat analysis and business news.

IT Security

IT Security Guru is a well-known blog that breaks news stories regarding the cybersecurity industry. It is being managed by security professionals. Sometimes it invites guests who are knowledgeable and professional with the cybersecurity community. This blog comes with a section named The Top Ten Stories, which includes the latest news and information regarding cybersecurity.

Recorded Future

The Recorded Future is a blog that considers themselves as company news, product updates, industry perspective, intelligence analysis, and many others. This means they are an all-in-one package. They break cybersecurity news regularly. Each individual can access the news conveniently and easily. 

The good thing about this blog is that it tackles almost everything included in the cybersecurity industry. Also, they upload news from case studies and industry enthusiasts across the world. Aside from posting contents daily, they will also launch their new book called “The Threat Intelligence Handbook.” Again, anyone can download it directly from the blog.


Impervalogo is a California-based cybersecurity company. This blog offers a high level of protection to both application software and enterprise data. Most staffers of the company have a big contribution to its blog. It allows the company to have regular coverage. Each post of the company to their blog comprises reliable charts and graphics that are backed by easy-to-understand explanations regarding the topics they cover.

The good thing about this blog is that it is organized carefully. They also divide it into six major categories, which include Research and Reports, Industry Perspective, DDoS Mitigation, Data Security, Application Security, and Application Delivery.

Vulcan Cyber

They established the Vulcan Cyber in 2018. This means it is still new in the industry. Despite that, they are already on the top of the best cybersecurity resources you can access. They provide obvious information on how to protect yourself from its vulnerability from software code and stack.

This blog is all about vulnerability issues. They are analyzing the topic carefully and separate the factual information from fiction. There are three writers behind each post in the blog. They are Tal Morgenstern, Roy Horev, and Yaniv Bar-Dayan. This means you are receiving reliable information since experts write it.


To sum it up, each cybersecurity resource offers unique coverage in the cyber industry. Keep yourself updated by reading blogs from the mentioned cybersecurity resources above. It will give ideas about the necessary measures that can protect you from anything unscrupulous while using the World Wide Web.

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