Best Mobile Multiplayer Games to Awaken Your Competitive Spirit

Enjoying a mobile game with your eyes glued to the screen at 2 AM when you know you should be sleeping is one of the best guilty pleasures in life.

Drifting at breathtaking speed, slashing through monsters, or flexing your intellectual muscles is pure fun if you do it solo, but you can only reach the Valhalla of gaming if you have the guts to dominate your opponents in a hard-core multiplayer gaming session.

So if you’re ready to vie for the glory of the mobile gaming world, here are some of the top games you should download right now.


Have you ever watched that movie called Battle Royale? Well, this game is similar in that you have 100 players dropped on a vast island and only the last survivor wins. The best part is that the play area shrinks with time, so mobile warriors are pushed closer to face off on the virtual battleground.

PUBG became so popular that it now boasts tens of millions of active players which is not surprising at all, given the dynamic gameplay, above-average graphics, and a fantastic multiplayer mode.

It allows you to invite your friends as long as they’re all on the same platform like Android (cross-platform capability is not available yet). Once everything is set, you can communicate with your friends either through text or voice chat and then take on other teams in a one-of-a-kind FPS experience.

Scrabble GO

Ready to show off your fancy vocabulary skills? In March 2020, the age-old language game has been relaunched by Scopely (both on Android and iOS). Since then, it’s been downloaded over two million times as more word connoisseurs sign up every day.

The app allows you to compete with friends, create your very own tournaments, personalize your board, and even try completely new gaming modes. All you need to do to get started is to invite your friends by connecting the app to your Facebook account.


If you love digging into gaming psychology and calculating odds while outwitting your opponents, you may want to start an online poker club with your friends. You only need a bunch of card-game enthusiasts ready for live-action and an appropriate time for your online gaming session.

Learning poker is a fantastic idea for so many reasons. It allows you to foster stronger bonds with your friends, create an air of exclusivity, become a strategic thinker, and maybe even win some money.

Best Mobile Multiplayer Games to Awaken Your Competitive Spirit 1


The ninth release of the legendary car racing game has the best multiplayer mode so far. You can pick whichever car is currently in your stable and challenge players from around the globe to an arcade power-up rivalry that knows no limits.

The mechanics of the game are surprisingly simple, but you’ll need some persistence to master all the racetracks and get the best rides. If you are too impatient, you can always spend a couple of bucks on in-app purchases and get something like a Bugatti Chiron on the spot, or get that ever-desired infinite nitro supply.


Here’s another classic that can pull you in four hours, and hold you in its clutches until you own all of the railways, and control the biggest hotel in town. The mobile version of the game costs $3.99 (Android, iOS) but it’s well worth the price.

Besides playing against the computer, it has a fantastic multiplayer mode that allows you to connect with players all over, or go on gloves-off capitalistic deathmatch against your closest ones bypassing the phone around the table.

If you’re into mobile gaming, you would be wise to check our other article with other exciting titles to download this year. But before you do, take up the genuine gaming challenge that involves other players and requires laser-like focus to succeed. The games mentioned above will sharpen your wits, and awaken your competitive spirit, so give them a try and take your gaming hobby to a new level.

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