Girard Perregaux Iconic Pieces

One of the oldest Swiss watchmakers still in the game today, Girard Perregaux. The company was started in 1791 as a manufacturing company by a watchmaker and goldsmith named Jean-François Bautte. However, there was no one in the company yet called Girard or Perregaux. The couple came into the picture of the company in around 1852.

This is the confusing part for horophiles as the website says they have been creating quality Swiss watches since 1791, but GP doesn’t claim that the company started in the said year. Nevertheless, horophiles are ecstatic that the company has existed since then as they have been producing quality pieces, and here are the most notable ones.

Mother of Pearl

The Mother of Pearl watch is a beautiful watch. The piece features two bezels, an inner rotating bezel, and an outer bezel covered with small diamond crystals. This 41mm watch is packed with features, and with its black alligator strap, it can go well on any outfit and choose to wear it on any occasion.

A sapphire crystal glass for durability makes you feel that you have a quality watch. It has a world time scale and a second time-zone too for your traveling convenience. This watch made by Girard Perregaux has been classic and timeless in its design also. You can never go wrong in getting on these from the shelves. The Mother of Pearl retails at around $13,999.


The Laureato is best described in two words: simple and luxurious. This watch has been viewed as Girard Perregaux’s brute entry to the sport luxury pieces. A simple stainless steel body and bracelet makes it the perfect look to go anywhere at any time. It features an analog dial with an automatic movement.

This model has a date dial at the 3 o’clock placement, and it honestly looks so simple and cool. With the design queues on the Laureato, you will never be out of style. Plus, wearing a Girard Perregaux is always a classy option and a luxurious one, too, since the Laureato retails at about $14,500.

Chrono Hawk

One of the best watches in the Girard Perregaux is the Chrono Hawk. Style with Quality is what you will be getting with this beautiful timepiece. The black ceramic case, black alligator bracelet with the rose gold bezel, is the perfect combination for a sleek design with luxury in mind. Consider the Chrono Hawk as a strike anywhere piece.

If you’re looking for a high and top quality watch with luxury and durability, the Chrono Hawk is a good option as it also features a Sapphire Crystal glass that is scratch-proof as well. It’s an all-around watch, so if you like a simple piece with subtle sophistication, the Chrono Hawk is your piece. It retails around $21,000.

Tri-Axial Tourbillon

Now onto the big guns, The Tri-Axial Tourbillon is one of the most delicate Girard Perregaux pieces. If you want to exuberate luxury and class, this is the one for you. The case alone gives you enough attention-grabbing effect as it is an 18 – karat gold case. With gold lining on the hands too. Sapphire Crystal glass for durability and a 60-hour power reserve.

This piece is not for the faint-hearted as it is a rare-sought-after watch. The price tag comes in at a whopping $502,000. Now, that is what opulence means. Wearing a $500,000 timepiece is the very definition of luxury. It’s also not a question if people can afford it, but a question of where can you get one.


Girard Perregaux is one of the best watchmakers out there. It’s up with other luxury brands and highly regarded by horophiles since they are among the oldest ones. The more you deep dive into its history, the more prestige and urge you have to get one of these watches. Opulence, luxury, style, and function all wrapped into one.

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