The latest version of Otomatic includes the ability to add any show to the listing. This allows you to set up subscriptions for shows that are not included in Otomatic and still get all the benefits of episode matching and tracking. In this way, adding shows allows the same functionality as Custom subscriptions with show data from Automatic 2, but in a more straightforward and integrated way.

To add a show, simply open the listing (Window menu > TV Shows) and click the add button in the bottom left. Enter a search query and hit return. Select the correct show from the search results and it will be added into the listing, from where it can be subscribed to.

A few things to note: added shows are listed under the “My Additions” grouping in the listing, and can be deleted by hovering over them. When subscribed to, the “Managed by Otomatic” source is disabled, so you need to add at least one source. If the show is later added to Otomatic’s default list, the sources will automatically update.

Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 14:56.

After a long gestation period, Otomatic is finally here!

Otomatic is the successor of Automatic 2, and encompasses the long experience of Automatic into a totally new, redesigned package. From the icon to the UI and even the abandonment of System Preferences, everything in Otomatic is new. Among the highlights of Otomatic are a richer experience with TV shows, active searching amongst multiple sources in addition to RSS, and greater flexibility.

We can’t wait for everyone to give Otomatic a spin, so along with this announcement, today we are releasing a “pre-release” version. Think of it as Otomatic, with an asterisk; it’s marked as “pre-release” for two reasons:

  • The breadth of sources and configurations could not possibly be tested exhaustively during beta-testing. As we collect feedback during the pre-release window, Otomatic should become more capable in handling edge cases.
  • A couple features were removed at the last minute due to technical issues: import and adding new shows to the listing. Import will be added very soon, in tandem with an export option in an updated version of Automatic 2. Adding shows will come after that.

During the pre-release window, all trials will be extended to 30 days. It should be noted that Otomatic operates completely separately from Automatic 2, and both can be active on the same system.

Just like Automatic 2 before it, releasing Otomatic is just the beginning. There are a multitude of features that will be added, thanks to the new, modern foundation. We hope you enjoy Otomatic, and stay tuned!

Posted on Sunday, April 26th, 12:45.