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Instructors aren’t ready to manually enroll or directly add students into Canvas umn course sites connected to PeopleSoft. Base on university policies, legal requirements, and regulations university must follow, there are alternate processes which are outlined within the table below. Please note, process for adding instructors and teaching assistants isn’t changing at this point . We encourage you to figure together with your department scheduler to update course information in PeopleSoft. you’ll still add such Instructor roles as Teaching Assistant. Instructors of non – PeopleSoft course sites retain permission to feature students and users in course administrative roles. Enrollments from PeopleSoft are automatically updated in Canvas umn roughly every ten minutes, minimizing delays between systems.
Library Course Pages are dynamically created for all courses at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and Rochester campuses. they’re designed to permit U of MN students quick and straightforward access to learning resources tailored to specific courses. Library Course Pages can include print books, journals, E – books, online content license through U of MN Libraries, photocopies, PDFs, MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents, audio / video files, and more. To use the Library Course Page, you’ll got to submit your request material to the U of MN Library E – Reserve. Once the Course E – Reserve list is create, students are going to be ready to access course materials via the Library Course Page on the Canvas umn Course site. Please note: process of sharing course materials with students via Library Course Page includes two steps: creating your Library Course Page Enabling Library Course Page Course navigation menu item

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