Car Insurance Sales Tactics
Car Insurance Sales Tactics

The best way to find out the car insurance sales tactics is to do research as if you are a car insurance salesperson needing to make more sales. If you perform a simple Google search, you will return approximately 10 million results.

Here are some typical sales tactics to be aware of:

  • Give One Option – A sales tactic that is commonly used is to limit the number of options for customers. Salespeople do this to make a choice seem as simple as possible to the prospect and shorten the time it takes a customer to decide. They want quick sales and fewer options so they can close the sale fast.
  • Don’t Let No Be an Answer – If only one option does not work, they will then tell you about one more option. This way, you think you have a choice. They know that if you only have one option, most likely they will hear “No” more times than “Yes.” If you do say “No”, most car insurance salespeople will try to keep you on the phone just long enough to try to make you feel like you really are getting a great deal.
  • Fear Tactics – Instead of saying, “You’re getting amazing protection!” They may say, “You could lose $8,000 in one accident if you don’t have this protection.” Instead of saying, “This will cover you for up to 1 year in a hospital,” they will say, “This will keep you from losing your home. A year in a hospital can cost over $100,000.” Our human brains are programmed to find risk and do everything necessary to protect ourselves from that pitfall.
  • Expiring Deals – Another tactic is to act as the deal they are offering is good for right now, but they can’t promise it won’t change in the near future. It’s a way to make you accept the deal in fear of not having it later on. “I can get your premium down to $1,000 per year, but if you wait past this week, it may jump up to $1,200.”
  • Emotionally Sell – Most humans are built to feel. Many of our decisions can be influenced by our emotions. Sure, logic plays a role in the process, but selling using emotion typically gets customers to sign on the dotted line. “Imagine if you got in a car accident and your passenger(s) were put in the hospital. Do you have $50,000 to pay for their recovery?” They may even be bold, “I wouldn’t go one day without this protection. I firmly believe it would be a huge mistake for you and your family to go any longer without this coverage to protect them.”
  • Mirroring Behaviors – This is very common and one that many people even learn for job interviews. When you mirror the behaviors of others, it can establish a sense of comfortability for them psychologically. This can even build a feeling of trust. If you lean forward, you may notice the salesperson then leaning forward. You cross your legs; 60 seconds later, they cross their legs. If you notice this, make sure to really listen to what they are saying and not get too comfortable and think they are your new best friend. Of course, if you notice they are mirroring you, that does not mean that they are trying to deceive you. Some people do this naturally. Just always pay attention.
  • Establish Sincerity – One of the top tactics is for the salesperson to get personal. Of course, this does not mean they are telling you true stories. This is a small list of things they may say to establish sincerity with prospective customers such as yourself:
  1. This no deposit car insurance policy is the one I bought for myself
  2. This is the policy I sold to my grandmother
  3. This is the policy my spouse has
  4. I know you like the price of this policy, but I want to warn you that when I had that same policy, I ended up paying over $10,000 out of pocket. This is the policy I have now.
  5. This is our most popular policy
  6. This policy is the best value

Read the Policy Carefully

When you did your comparative shopping, you may have found many reputable insurance companies like Geico, Young America Insurance, or Before you sign your name on the dotted line, you’ll want to spend time researching the policies of at least two of the insurance companies you narrowed it down to.

One huge mistake is thinking that all car insurance policies are created equal. Read every line—especially the fine print—to ensure that your policy won’t cost you a lot of money in claims along with a difficult experience in the future.

If you don’t choose a policy that is keeping your best interests at heart and you get into an accident, you may end up in two less-than-ideal scenarios:

  • Accept a settlement for thousands less than what your car is actually worth.
  • Attempt to sue your insurance provider to try to recover the difference

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Personally, I suggest spending a low-key afternoon reading over your policies instead of going through a long, costly lawsuit or losing thousands of dollars. Maybe you can even lure someone else to put a second pair of eyes on it if you buy them a pizza.

When your eyes have glazed over, don’t make a decision yet. Sleep on it. When you wake up refreshed, you’ll know which policy and car insurance company is the winner.

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