C'mon, Know Indonesian Popular Android Games Judi Online that Lose No Excitement

Android games are one of the games that are loved by many people, considering that these games are very flexible to play. Now android games or often called android card games is a game that you can usually download in the play store, both free and paid.

These Android games Judi Online usually have a variety of types, where you can determine for yourself what type of games you want to use. You can also easily download and delete and re-download other types of games.

Well, this Android game is certainly made by many parties, one of which is Indonesia. This time, I want to discuss about the types of popular android games that you can download originating from creators in Indonesia. Curious? C’mon, see the following information!

Partner In Cream

Partner in Cream is one of the most popular android games made in Indonesia. This game is the work of BinaryStudio 54, which has also created many other Android games. This game tries to get out of its comfort zone and finally presents this game with a visual novel genre.

This game discusses a student who is struggling to be able to graduate from school, not just drop out, with the help of his friend in the form of an outstanding student to be able to make the student leave his bad habits. Well, in this game you will find a lot of daily dialogue that you can usually find in high school kids’ chats. The dialogue is not too rigid so it makes you comfortable to play this game for long.

Lontong TTS

Furthermore, the type of android games made by Indonesian creators, hereinafter is TTS Lontong. Lontong itself is taken from an Indonesian comedy figure named Cak Lontong, surely you are familiar, right? Yes, this TTS will be made as a game that has been adapted from a TV program in Indonesia. You only need to guess from the questions made by Cak Lontong. The question is indeed quite confusing, so you have to do unusual thinking to be able to answer these questions.

Even though it is just a TTS, in fact the CTS Lontong TTS is a favorite of many people. Behind its simple appearance, in fact Tont Lontong is also widely used by local Youtubers, so that in the end, the community also wishes to play this TTS. Take it easy, TTS Lontong is very safe for various groups. So there is no age limit for playing this lontong TTS. Exciting is not it?

Guess the picture

Furthermore, the type of game made in Indonesia that is not less interesting is to guess the picture. Guess this picture is a very simple game but makes the players will never get bored playing it.

In this game, later you have to guess a lot of pieces of the picture which can then be arranged in such a way as to make a new vocabulary that makes sense. Actually the term used is a very familiar term. It’s just the logging process that often requires quite a long time. If you really don’t know, you can also use the given clue but with a limit of about 5 times per level.

Round tofu

Have you ever eaten tofu? Yes, know caterpillars had become very booming some time ago to be present also in this android game . Now, know hadi in the form of games which in my opinion are the simplest when compared to other types of games. Here, you only need to tap on the screen of your android to be able to bring in the buyers to know and then make money. The money that you can later you can use for investment and upgrade to the tools used to sell or can also be used for upgrading the ingredients of round tofu food makers. By upgrading, of course, will increase selling power so that your money will continue to grow. After feeling quite a lot more, you can continue to upgrade to the highest level of the object used.

After successfully upgrading each food item and sales tool, you can also open new branches in other cities of course with the same mechanism. You can also increase marketing by promoting. Whether it’s from social media, newspapers, magazines, and so forth. Exciting too right?

Well, that’s some information about popular android games made by Indonesian creators. Hope it is useful for you and can be a reference for you!

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