ColorWare custom-painted Products looks good, for a price

ColorWare custom-painted Products

Customized electronic products are very common today. However, the scenario was not the same a few years back. Well, it was the onset of ColorWare which has helped companies build some of the breathtakingly beautiful customized products. The brainchild of CEO Justin Cisewkski, the process of customizing was delved upon and executed and the year 2000 saw the birth of Colorware.

The Ciseweski family initially started out painting computers and cellphones. The prime focus was on perfecting each step, be it disassembling, painting, or reassembling a model. As the business was based on high-customization standards, the customers had faith that ColorWare’s popularity will rise exponentially.

In the same year, ColorWare co-developed gaming consoles with Alienware and expanded operations with the former in the year 2001. Also, in 2002, the website for online retail was launched. In the year 2003, ColorWare launched its first Apple Products; the Powerbook, iBook, and iPod. Further, in 2005 ColorWare celebrated its first “Color Week and more than 25 colors were put up on display. Presently, the range of patterns includes tech, automobiles, design, art, sports, and fashion.



Colorware custom painted products

Presently, ColorWare offers skins for laptops rather can painting. The reason for the same is that owing to the complexity of the procedure involved in painting, it leads to a reduction in the warranty of the laptop and also increases the cost for customers. However, with skins, not only are the prices reduced, as compared to the custom paint process but the product is in the facility for a lesser time.

Now, the question arises, if or not the skins are durable. Well, high-quality materials are used for making skins, and then they are coated with a proprietary coating to provide the best of results.

ColorWare offers skins in more than 15 different patterns. These include woodgrain, leather, carbon fiber, stone, and metal. Soon, skins will be available in all 58 colors with a matte and high-gloss finish.

What parts of the laptop will the skins be applied to? The laptop can have skins applied to the Top, Keyboard, Trackpad, and Bottom for a completely finished look.

Interestingly, skins are available for all parts of the laptop. These include the keyboard, top, trackpad, and bottom for that completely finished look.

ColorWare plans to add several other products in the future. These include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 13’’ Macbook Pro, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One S.

As a matter of fact, ColorWare still custom paints products. While some products like laptops are available only in skins, ColorWare still offers painting services on as many products as possible.


ColorWare for Airpods

ColorWare custom-painted Products looks good, for a price

ColorWare is offering the ‌AirPods Pro‌ in dozens of custom colors, ranging from solids to metallics in all colors of the rainbow. Jet black gloss, deep purple, yellow, orange, red, gold, silver, and more are options.

In 2019, ColorWare started offering AirPods pro in a dozen colors. These include metallics, solids, jet black gloss, deep purple, and several other options. Each earbud can be painted in a different shade with a different color for the case. Users have the option to choose between matte and gloss finish.

All of the work by ColorWare is guaranteed for 12 months and an additional warranty for another 12 months can be purchased. Also, products can be returned for the first 30 days with a 25% restocking fee.

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