No cruise? No problem!

Such was once the case for Norma Trill and David Trill, who’ve been scheduled to sail away on a cruise for their 53rd anniversary. However, with the coronavirus pandemic canceling such trips, the married couple had to impulsively say goodbye to their celebratory trip.

Still, the two made the best of the position with some humor that has since helped them transfer viral online.

“Cruise Cancelled? No problem #covid_19 #coronavirus,” a Facebook publish be informed in conjunction with a video of the couple.

In the pictures, the two are seated in front of their television computer screen donning shades with David in a robe and Norma with a sunhat on. The two clink wine glasses with their legs up on the TV console.

The easiest part of the video? There’s pictures of the ocean playing on their TV.

“We were so disappointed we could not do our cruise for our 53rd wedding anniversary anyway Jane cheered us up with this video and it’s gone viral,” Norma commented.

Family member Jane Trill, who initially posted the clip, persisted to look on the vibrant side.

“The response to our video is nothing short of amazing. Perhaps a nice anniversary gift given your cruise was cancelled,” she wrote online. “Congratulations Norma Trill and David Trill.”

Talk a couple of sea-lver lining!