Destiny 2 tips and tricks guide

It is no secret that Bungie has distributed a tonne of changes to destiny 2 since it first launched, with expansions beginning with Curse of Osiris all the way through to Beyond Light (and beyond). Although the content might have changed, much of the core gameplay has, for the most part, stayed the same. 

There has been no better time for those pondering the idea of playing Destiny 2 to jump in and gear up. If you’re a little anxious about learning the ropes, we have some excellent hints, tips, and tricks to alleviate those worries. It’s really not that hard to get your head around once you get started. Shall we begin?

Going solo is not the way forward

Destiny 2 was never intended to be played on your own (although you could if you really wanted to). It was made to play with others. Specifically, teams of three work great. It’s much better to have someone on the mic than playing alone in silence.

If you fancy taking on a challenge that’s more competitive than working together, then you might want to try your luck in the crucible. Teams of up to 4 go head to head. If you wish to stick with a challenging co-op, then raiding is the best way to go. During raids, you will work with up to six teams to tackle some of the most intense gameplay offered within Destiny 2.

If you’re down for leveling up quickly, then a clan is a great way of achieving this. You will get extra XP for being in a clan and playing with your teammates. You can also expect to receive legendary loot for every main event you complete every week.

Get to grips with levels

There are an array of level/tier systems in Destiny 2, with each differing according to the gameplay type you go with. Defense and damage are not dramatically impacted as a result of leveling up, but your power level has a huge impact.

With every new expansion of Destiny 2, there has always been a new power level introduced. At the time of writing, the highest Power level you can reach in Destiny 2 is 1250 using Power Gear. 

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To reach the higher tiers of Power Levels, players need to equip the best gear they find from loot throughout the game. The game averages out and calculates your Power level based on your equipped loadout, which is made up of things like your primary, secondary and heavy weapons, your class item, your head, arm, torso, leg armor, and more. Essentially, the higher your power level, the easier it will be to take down enemies you encounter throughout the game. If you’re struggling with building your power level, there is a great variety of Destiny 2 Carry Services that aim to help players through the game.

Get to know your Engram colors

If you have started plowing through Destiny 2 already, then you’ll likely have spotted the colorful-looking gems that enemies and treasure chests drop. These are known as Engrams (or sometimes loot) that come in a variety of colors.

It is good to understand what the various colors depict as you can ignore the ones that are not worth your while. The most common Engrams are white, while green is less common. The rare ones are blue, while purple is legendary. Exotics are THE BEST and come in yellow and offer some extremely useful perks. Usually, the rarer the Engram, the more epic the bonus it’ll offer your armor or weapon.

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