The reality is that one person at the tip of Sweden can befriend someone at the base of South Africa from their respective homes. Access to the world is easier than ever with more channels with which the global community can engage in conversation. Omegle, Twitter, forums, or even multiplayer gaming are just a few examples.

As such, there’s a chance the friendship can revolve around or incorporate love of gaming or a desire to game. Using standard internet service providers’ servers, the two friends will likely not have a smooth multiplayer experience. As a comparison, there is a struggle for Americans on the East Coast servers to play with those from the West Coast.

This is where VPNs are usually said to help. Is that true?

History of VPNs

VPNs (virtual private networks) were initially developed in the late 1990s for in-house business use. They were designed so those from different offices could have remote access to a private network where data was stored. It enabled them to avoid outside interference and attempts at hacking, so all sensitive data could be better protected. Encryption gradually improved while utilizing these methods.

There was value in the VPN for the average internet user. Anti-virus software might come to mind as the already available and widely used solution to internet safety, which is true. However, there is a difference. Anti-virus software protects a user’s terminal – the device they are using to connect to the internet. However, this doesn’t secure the connection itself. VPNs do.

In an age when data privacy and internet security was becoming more of a cultural focal point, the VPN market started to form and bloom. It is currently estimated be at least a thirty-billion-dollar industry.

VPNs and Online Casino

With the added security and privacy VPNs offer, it has legitimate benefits for gamers. Online casino goers might consider using them, especially as they’ve registered bank details and are committing their own money. However, utilizing a VPN isn’t legal in certain countries. Also, certain gambling sites prohibit VPNs in their terms and conditions, which might result in them banning a user from their site. In general, online casinos are secure. Research done by found, after rigorous testing, plenty of online casinos which offer perks while remaining safe under rigorous regulations that protect the privacy and interests of players.

Home Console and Mobile Gaming

It seems that the comparison and use of VPNs are as essential to a good home console or mobile gaming experience as finding the best mouse pads, headset, or TV. The internet is awash with rumors of what they can help with. However, as is expected, not all of them are true. A key one revolves around internet speed. Does it slow it down or speed it up?

If you read information from one article and then another, there might be conflicting conclusions. There are in-theory answers, it seems, and more practical ones. The basis of both types is predicated on closing a geographical gap. Let’s keep in mind the example of American friends playing on different coasts: East coast player is trying to connect to the host on the West coast.

In theory, from the East coast, the player could connect to a VPN server much closer to the West coast to enable the server to be closer to the game’s server which the host is trying to connect to. Some articles propose this as a solution. What it will do is lower latency and reduce ping and lag times, meaning the data is being transferred between the two quickly, without delay. However, this advice isn’t always true. In fact, AVG found this to be mostly false. It doesn’t change the gamer’s geographical position, which still requires devices to connect to servers a long-distance away.

So, taking notes from the experts at AVG, it’s fair to say a VPN won’t be helping the two friends from Sweden and South Africa any time soon. However, while circumventing distances were in the VPN’s initial brief, privacy and security are what’s best offered, and their competency in this is in little doubt.

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