Donorbox How To Set Up a Donation Page

Today, Everything is online. Whether you have to pay your bills, Want to pay fees, order groceries in fact entertainment is now online. So Why not the donations??

 We all heard that Charity begins at home And Now this has been transformed into “Charity happens Online Too”- Yes You heard it right!

If you want to do some noble works, All the doors are opened for you. This Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely paused the noble services but now we are capable enough to raise funds online as well.

Nowadays many Non-profit organizations raise their funds with online donations. For fundraising, you need to have an effective donation page. If you also need one of them, Then don’t you need to worry folks, as we are here with everything that will help you to create an effective donation page.

Convincing people to donate and then satisfy their security concerns while making donations are the uttermost important things. Without these 2 things, nobody will wander around the donation page.

About Donorbox

Donorbox is a US-based technology company. It offers online fundraising software that allows individuals and nonprofit organizations to receive donations over the Internet.

 Donorbox is used by charities, churches, mosques, schools, animal rescue organizations, political campaigns, and other causes. They have attracted controversy over their provision of service to far-right figures.

How To Create An Effective Donation Page?

Donorbox serves customers in over 30 countries and territories.

Step 1: Create a Donation Page: Donorbox

A donation page is a one-page sales pitch that includes all the information someone needs to make a decision to donate to your organization.

This is the page to which you direct someone after you’ve asked them to make a donation to your organization.

  • Your organization’s mission.
  • Your organization’s branding.
  • A story about someone your organization helped with an image of that person.
  • A breakdown of where a donation goes.
  • Ask for a donation and make your goal attainable.
  • Use Convincing and heartfelt notes so that people’s hearts got melt and they feel like their donation will hardly bother them.

Step 2: Donorbox: Create a Donation Form to Collect Your Donor’s Information

This Kind of form will help you to store donor information in a database and reach out regularly to ask for repeated donations.

You can keep Fields like :

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone number

Step 3: Add donation details Properly

After describing the purpose of your campaign, you need to set up other things as well. Like Currency, Goal of the campaign, Mode of accepting donations, and other preferences.

  • Offer different options to your contributors so they can donate as per their interests.
  • Try to attach a description with every amount to convince the donors for donating.

Step 4: Set up Automated Tax Receipts and Thank You Messages On Your Donorbox Page

Whenever a person has to pay for something, If he or she gets an authentic receipt for it, The person feels more secure in the world of fraudsters as many online scams are active everywhere.

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If he/she may receive a receipt, the person can stay rest assured that his or her contribution will not go in vain. It will be used for noble work and will reach the right hands which are very important.

So you must set up an automated tax receipt with a thank you Note whenever a person contributes no matter how big or small the donation is.

Step 5: Donorbox: Make Your Donation Page Shareable

Sharing is caring-right ??

You must set up your donation page in a way that it can be shared maximum. The wider its reach the maximum it will rise.

To take a campaign on a large scale is to share its maximum. The message should rich to all the noble ones. So your donation page must be sharable. So that if anybody has contributed already and he/she has any more references of people who can contribute towards it, Then they can share it with them.

You can ask questions to keep them engaged with your page like

  • How do you know about our campaign?
  • Which of our goal compel you to donate?

How to Make Your Donorbox Page Shareable?

Here are two easy ways to encourage social media sharing of your donation page:

  • Add a “tweetable” to your donation page. A tweetable is a pre-written tweet that someone can click on and share with their Twitter Followers.
  • Ask people to share your page on Facebook.

Step 6: Design the appearance of your donation page- Make it an Appealing One: Donorbox

To make your donation page attractive and branding your nonprofit organization you must design it carefully.

  • Pick a suitable background and choose it as your donation page.
  • Background must be related to your campaign goals- Add your Mission here boldly and clearly.
  • Also, Create and Upload the campaign logo. (It must go with your brand tagline).
  • You are all set to go !!

Tips For Raising More And More Funds via Donorbox

  1. Drive Traffic to Your Donation Page by following the 80/20 rule that is, invest 20% time in writing and 80% time in the promotion.
  2. Use social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) asking for donations.
  3. The donation page must be included in the main menu bar, so it’s easy for the donors to find it.
  4. Easy Payment methods should be highlighted.
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