Drive Safely: Are Self-Driving Cars the Answer to Fewer Crashes?
Drive Safely: Are Self-Driving Cars the Answer to Fewer Crashes?

Did you know that the world hit over 1 billion cars worldwide in 2010? Today, there are still over 1 billion cars around the world.

With all of these cars around, you might be wondering how to drive safely. In this article, we’ll take a look into self-driving cars, and if they minimize your chances of crashing. Read on to explore the answer to this question and say hello to safer driving today.

What Is a Self-Driving Car? 

Another name for a self-driving car is an autonomous or driverless car. This means that there’s little to no human interaction necessary.

This means that they can move around and avoid obstacles without the need for human interaction. They use different software and sensors in order to move around.

Driveless cars make decisions regarding the direction and speed based on their processing systems. The software programs also help them avoid obstacles, and find their way along the road.

They can be controlled remotely. This means that they can be driven from thousands of miles away by someone. It also means that the features are controlled by someone else and not the passenger of the vehicle.

Are Self-Driving Cars Safer? 

Some wonder if autonomous vehicles lead to safer driving. The fact of the matter is that it’s still up for debate.

To this day, the safety of self-driving cars is still under investigation. Whether you’re involved in a car accident with a self-driving car or not, you’ll want to speak with a lawyer about these details.

Who Is at Fault if No One Is Driving? 

It’s more difficult to decide liability when it comes to a self-driving vehicle since it’s technically not a person. First, they’ll need to take a look at how little the passenger was driving the car.

Was the driver able to take control and stop the accident? Did the driver see the opportunity and ignore it? Was the driver manually operating the vehicle during the accident?

It’s also an option to look into product liability claims against the distributor, manufacturer, designer, or reseller. For example, if the accident was caused by a problem in the hardware or software of the vehicle.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Google tests their vehicles on public streets to see how they perform. Google’s self-driving car company later became known as Waymo, which is the top choice for safe self-driving vehicles.

Waymo states that they have driven over 20 million miles on roads since 2009. They also have a safety program guide for the development and testing of the cars.

Are Self-Driving Cars Safer Than Humans? 

Keep in mind that it’s a robot and not a human driving the car. Humans can disobey the law such as distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, etc. A robot will abide by the law.

Robots can also respond quicker to avoid collisions as well. They have different software and sensors that’ll help them drive safely.

Self-Driving Cars Benefits

Many of the car accidents you see on the road today are due to human error. For example, an accident can occur due to not paying attention, weather conditions, etc.

There are also those who are distracted drivers stopping to take a drink, check their phone, etc. Due to the sensor technology, cameras, and high-tech maps, self-driving vehicles can have a better view of their surroundings than a human can.

Will There Be Fewer Private Cars? 

When autonomous vehicles arrive, some studies predict that it’ll lead to fewer cars being owned by people. Over time, families will require fewer vehicles when self-driving cars are available.

Why Choose Driverless Cars? 

First is the convenience of them. Instead of having to worry about watching the road, you can take care of other tasks. You can also know that you’re in a safe option since you don’t have to worry about distractions that lead to accidents.

Better Roads? 

Many companies that have self-driving vehicles have the goal of creating better road systems. Both Uber and Google are making autonomous vehicles that will be available for you to rent.

This means that people won’t have to worry about buying their own vehicle which could mean less of a need for parking lots. It can also decrease the number of cars being created.

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The Cons of Self-Driving Cars

Keep in mind that there are some growing pains with self-driving vehicles. For example, they can’t predict human behavior.

While they might be less likely to cause an accident, they might be more likely to be involved in one. This is due to distracted drivers on the road.

While the benefit of self-driving cars means the potential of the elderly and vision-impaired being able to get around easier, it might mean a costly venture. It might be harder for those in lower-income families to rent one.

There are also technological limits as well. This means that they might have trouble with areas that have missing signs, broken traffic lights, or faded paint on the roads. While more sensors might help solve this, that’ll drive up the cost.

Keep in mind as well that many are against self-driving cars. Many see it as dangerous and won’t risk trying them out.

Drive Safely: Are Self-Driving Cars Safer? 

When you’re looking to drive safely, you now have a better idea of self-driving cars are a better option. Remember to keep reading the latest news and technology before you decide to make the switch.

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