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Electronic sports are more and more common among bookmakers in the sports betting category. Some may ask what is behind it, indeed. These games with illustrious names such as “League Of Legends”, “FIFA”, “StarCraft 2”, “Dota 2” or “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” all come from the field of PC games. Just a few years ago, it was unthinkable that these e-sports would one day be played on the big stages of the world or that they could be found with online casinos such as Dafabet.

The cult around electronic sports has been in full swing for years, especially in Asia and the USA. This wave of enthusiasm only spilled over to Europe a few years ago but has now completely taken hold. Big tournaments with international cast and prize money in the millions are also held in this country—reason enough for the best online casinos to also offer bets in this area.

E-sport: These are the most important games

What is e-sports?

Many betting enthusiasts face this question when they browse the sports betting section, searching for reasonable betting offers. Electronic sports have found a permanent place with more and more online casinos and often even have their own category. E-sports bets are becoming increasingly popular because they not only offer the best betting odds but, above all, an enormous amount of excitement during the live stream.

The e-sports games are played in large tournaments, and the best teams win prize money in the millions. In their countries, they are celebrated stars and are even revered like superheroes. Especially in Asia and in the USA, the e-sports fever knows no bounds. Online gambling is all about mastering various tactics, slipping into the role of different heroes and the team spirit. A number of e-sports games have established themselves over the past few years. We’d like to list some of the more important items here quickly.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

This is an e-sports game from the very beginning. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a bestseller from Valve. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2012 was introduced; Since then, it has been an indispensable part of E-sports betting at online casinos. It has also become an integral part of e-sports in Europe. Two teams compete against each other. One team takes on the role of the terrorist, and the other team takes on the anti-terrorist unit’s role. Each team has specific tasks that have to be solved in the course of the game.

E-sports bets for CS: GO are all about the teams having to plant or defuse a bomb. The betting portals offer a particularly large number of bets on card winnings. Meanwhile, the first-person shooter has a large fan base, which grows almost daily. The number of teams is correspondingly large, including Astralis, SK Gaming, and the FaZe-Clan.

Dota 2

The e-sports game Dota 2 is also a Valve bestseller. There are millions of followers, numerous competitors, and diverse teams worldwide. The fantasy game allows the players to slip into different roles and control the individual game processes from a bird’s eye view. This is the fact that exactly makes Dota 2 so popular.

E-sports is offered online for playing at numerous events and also for placing bets. The game is generally played in teams in a five-on-five mode. Each game has three lanes on which the heroes of each team fight. Of course, this is also about who, for example, takes the first shot or who has acquired the better equipment in the end. The aim is to eliminate the opposing incident without losing your main building.

League of Legends

LOL, for short, is probably the best-known game in electronic sports. There are now over 100 million players in the community, which is also growing daily. Most bookmakers offer this game and also have many betting markets. The best online casinos provide a wide variety of betting options to make the game even more exciting and the broadcast.

LOL is played five against five in a classic way. In general, other game modes are also possible. The game has been on the market since 2009, but it didn’t really take off until a few years later. Since then, LOL has become an integral part of the international stage of major tournaments.

The bookmakers have now also recognized the potential of the game and offered numerous special bets in addition to conventional win bets. These mostly relate to the destruction of the towers or inhibitors. Special bets on the overall winner of a league are also available as E-sports bets on many betting portals.

E-sports betting: betting options

Experience has shown that online casinos have many betting options such as 888 casino promotions for individual games. The market is still growing and subject to constant change. This means that the portfolio of bets keeps changing. It may not yet keep up with the number of betting markets than conventional sports, but improvement is in sight.

Most bets are offered as classic single bets on the victory of a team. Numerous special bets supplement the basic structure of the winner or loser bets. A sports betting strategy can thus consist of over and under bets or popular handicap bets. Individual sections of the game, known as “card betting”, can also be predicted in a best-of-match.

Special bets

The over/under bets are very classic. The point here is to commit to a specific score and then decide whether the end result is above or below. For instance, if a bet is made on the amount of more than 24.5, the result cannot be 14:10. These specialty bets are becoming increasingly popular, although not all bookmakers yet offer them. A specialty of electronic sports bets on the first and last kills.

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The point here is to bet on which team will eliminate the first opponent or make the last kill in the game. This betting option is often combined with handicaps. Experience has shown that all online casinos do not yet offer them, but their number is increasing. Some online casinos have special bets for Counter-Strike: Global offensive in the 1st and 16th round on offer. Here the teams only fight each other with pistols, which makes betting particularly exciting.

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