Essential Things You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Plans

With the advancement of technology over the years, mobile phones have become a necessity for individuals all over the world. A person with a mobile phone can stay connected and keep in touch with friends, family, and business associates. A mobile phone also has numerous features, such as access to email, social media, and gaming.

However, you can’t fully maximise the potential of your mobile phone without the appropriate phone plan. This is because you won’t have access to texting, calling, and mobile data. If you want to learn more about Mobile Phone Plans, then be sure to read on.

What Are Mobile Phone Plans?

According to an article by Lifewire, a mobile phone plan is a paid agreement between an individual and a mobile carrier. This agreement gives the paying individual the right to use the carrier’s cellular network for texts, mobile calls, and access to the internet via mobile data.

What are the Different Types of Mobile Phone Plans?

Several types of mobile phone plans differ based on their features and components. The following are the main types and most common offered by mobile carriers:

Monthly Mobile Phone Plans

Monthly Mobile Phone Plans are also known as monthly contract plans. This type of plan requires an individual to pay every month or monthly instalments, which commonly runs until 24 months. However, if you want a shorter contract, you can opt for the 12 months option, but you will have to pay significantly higher.

With this type of plan, you also have an option to choose a new mobile handset as part of your plan package, making this plan a good choice for individuals who are looking to get a phone but can’t afford to pay for a new one upfront.

For instance, a Mobile Payment Plan at Vodafone requires a customer to sign up to a month-to-month plan whereby the customer pays a fee according to the price and inclusions they want. You can purchase a phone outright from Vodafone but not over an interest-free Mobile Payment Plan as you must sign up to a Vodafone plan.

PAYG Plans

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans are the opposite of monthly contract plans. This is because PAYG allows you to have access to a carrier’s network by topping up your phone credit whenever you plan to use your phone. You won’t have to pay for monthly instalments or be tied up with long term contracts. This plan offers the most flexibility.

However, topping up regularly is more expensive compared to having a monthly plan. This is because you are paying a premium for the flexibility brought by PAYG plans. Without proper phone regulation, your chances for overspending is greatly increased.

SIM-Only Plans

SIM-only plans are somewhat identical with Monthly Mobile Plans since you are also offered with a package of call minutes, texts, and mobile data every month. You also pay through monthly instalments by having a 12 or 24-month contract. The major difference is that it is much cheaper since you don’t have to pay for a new phone with the package.

This plan is a great choice for individuals who regularly call, text, and access the internet, but already own a mobile handset.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of mobile carriers that offer mobile phone plans; the problem is selecting the right one. This is because not all mobile phone plans are created equal. Some provide expensive services, while some at a much affordable price range.

However, the most important factor that you should consider when subscribing to a mobile phone plan is the reliability of the mobile carrier. Make sure that you choose a reliable and trusted mobile carrier, so you don’t run out of call minutes, texts, and mobile data when it matters the most.

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