Famisafe, the best app to monitor the activities of your kids

As the kids grow older, there are chances that they may get influenced by wrong activities. They may find a wrong path for them which may have disastrous results in the future. An adolescent is an age that may make the future and this is the time which may take them to shatter their future. Hence, it is very important for parents to keep track of the activities of the Kids.

Today, the internet is a medium, which has a direct impact on the child’s mentality. There are good things available on the internet and along with these good things, there are bad ones too. It is important to monitor all the activities that the child performs on the internet and it is also important to control these activities. It is important to have some phone tracker app, having features like android location tracking.

With the advent of technology, more and more advanced solutions are present, which can help you to track the activities of your kids as well as you can restrict and control these activities as well. One such solution is the Famisafe parental control app, which is the best app that can control the different activities performed by your child on the phone. Here, in this article, we will have a look at the key features of the Famisafe app and other important details related to it.

Important Features of the Famisafe App

The Famisafe app has all the essential features that are necessary to spy and track the activity of your kids on the smartphone or other phone device. Some of the specific features of this app are as follows:

  • Monitoring of the different activities

During the complete day, the kids may perform different activities on their phones. They may open various sites and perform different tasks. The Famisafe app keeps a complete log of the different activities performed by the kid during the day and tracks the phone efficiently. This activity log can be viewed by the parents at any time. They can have an analysis of this report and can understand whether the kid is going in the right direction or not.

  • Geo-tracking

The app Famisafe has a feature by which the real-time location of the child can be tracked at any time. This feature of the phone location tracker will help the parents to know the location of their child at all times. One can keep track of the different locations visited by the child during the complete day. This feature or GPS location tracker will help the parents to know what all places the child is going during the day and whether he is going to any restricted place or not. That is the Location History can be viewed by the parents anytime by using this phone locator.

  • Geo-Fencing

The parents can make a virtual fence or boundary through this app. When the child crosses this fence, come in or out of this virtual fence, the app will send you the notifications. This feature is important as the fence can be made by the parents and it can be monitored that the child is going to some unwanted place or not.

  • Blocking of websites

Different websites can be blocked by this app which the parents don’t want the kids to open. There are many adult sites which are not good for the kids to open. Through this app, parents can block these sites. This feature will ensure that the child opens only useful websites.

  • Blocking of apps

Different apps which are not useful or are not good for the kids can be blocked by this app. These days there are many apps available on the app stores that may have a bad effect on the child. All such apps can be blocked by the Famisafe app.

Other specific features

  • This app is compatible with all major operating systems like Android, IOS, macOS, and Windows. This app needs to be installed in both the child’s device as well as the parents’ device. All the above mentioned OS are supported in form of the child and parent devices. For example, this app can act as a complete android phone tracker.
  • An active internet connection in the child’s device is required for the functioning of this app. The internet connection is also required in the parent device during the time of viewing of various reports and tracking the activities.

Cost related details

This app is a paid app and you can get this app by paying the cost of it. The cost of this app is not very high and anyone can easily afford this app. This app is worth trying for parents who are concerned about their kids.


Thus, we have seen in detail, the important features of the Famisafe app, the complete phone tracker app. There are numerous other features, available in this app, which can help you in tracking the activities of your kid. In an overall sense, this app is the best app that you can have if you want to spy on the activities of your kids. Complete control over the activities performed by the kids can be achieved by the use of this app.

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