Cricket Betting

Cricket is the most demanded kind of sport in India. When cricket is played, the whole country stops. To become a great punter in cricket betting, one should dive into the entire process of the game, teams, and players engaged in each tournament, match, and league.

There are a lot of online betting sites that offer free cricket betting tips to follow and win bets. But not all of them may provide efficient match predictions and betting markets to take into consideration. Cricket live betting at Parimatch is really proven and productive by free cricket betting tips for 2021 offered. The experts of this bookmaker do their best to provide the bettors with a thorough analysis of the outcomes of the previous matches and insightful predictions for them to win the pot money.


Top 7 Cricket Betting Tips

Here are the basic aspects every bettor should take into account while betting on cricket:

  1. reap the benefits of live betting;
  2. place a bet on worthy players scoring 50s and 100s points;
  3. pay attention to the weather conditions, especially for 5 days test matches, and the player’s form;
  4. study the two teams form engaged in the match;
  5. consider the outcome of the recent opposition whether it was weak or strong;
  6. look for the advantage of the home ground match;
  7. don’t place a bet until the XI start-off is confirmed (changes can occur at the last minute).

Insightful Guidance on Cricket Betting

As soon as the bettor found a reliable betting site to place a wager and signed up for it, he should accounter for different influencing factors on the outcome of the overall match, specific team or individual player bets.

Team Form

Being aware of the results of the last five face to face matches, the bettor needs to consider such information about the team as the country or ground the matches took place, the changes within the team over the last five matches. Keeping in mind these things about the team form will lead the bettor to make the right betting decision.

Player Form

The player form seems to be an excellent choice for placing individual bets. Following the game story of individual players and studying their experience will surely help the bettor to place the right bet and win it.

Weather Condition

Whether it is going to rain or be hot on the match day or before it, the weather does affect the quality of upcoming or ongoing tournaments as well as the teams and players. Considering this fact, the bettor will be able to estimate the capabilities of the teams and players under such conditions.

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Team Selection

Another key factor undergoes team selection that is affected first by the player’s availability through injury. Some players rest for less important matches. If the team wins a series of tournaments and is expecting more serious matches, the better players are likely to rest. Just because India has the best cricket players, it doesn’t mean that they will be always selected.

Home/ Away Benefits

The permanent touch with the statistics of home and away matches enables the bettor to look through the specific team’s or player’s story in scores and, accordingly,  to think over the betting strategy. Not always the team’s home winning predicts its successful outcome on an away match.

Bearing in mind those factors in cricket betting, the punter can choose a cricket betting format that suits him best to place a bet like T20, ODI (one day international), or Test crickets. The best cricket betting sites offer the most popular cricket matches whether international or domestic and brilliant betting markets.

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