The first few weeks of a smartphone’s life are a very eventful time. First, there are the hands-ons and number one impressions, then come virtual digicam samples and teardowns. And one day, every crucial tool falls throughout the arms of Zack from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

Once that happens, we get an idea of the way in which very good the phone is at taking physically abuse (obviously, verbal received’t have an effect on it so much). We’ve been expecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to procure the an identical treatment and the video of its durability check out is now proper right here:

If you don’t in point of fact really feel like paying attention to scratching noises for 8 minutes, proper right here’s a to hand information a coarse breakdown. The S20 Ultra is as robust as most other most sensible charge flagships. Scratches appear at the expected levels so the Ultra part of the phone is reserved for the specs and value. The display withstands the lighter flame gorgeous successfully and after the heat is lengthy long gone there seems to be no permanent harm to it. And when it comes to bending, there is a slight give on the other hand that’s to be expected from any such massive tool. However, no lasting harm after that check out as successfully, now not just like the Pixel 4 XL, which cracked beneath the drive of Zack’s arms.

The large virtual digicam module appears to be well-protected which is rather crucial taking into account it’s protruding from the once more this kind of lot.

Overall, apart from you’re planning to kick your S20 Ultra spherical throughout the gravel, you should expect it to keep up with regularly use merely high-quality. But at $1,400, you should possibly give it some further protection anyway, so how about you check out our highest cases for Galaxy S20 compilation?

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