Get More Juice - 7 Must-Know Tips for How to Extend Laptop Battery Life

The best thing about laptops is their ability to travel alongside you. No matter where you go, these mobile devices can be carried along for the ride. With your laptop in hand, you can play games or work from anywhere you desire.

Laptops’ mobile abilities are what make them so convenient, but how much good can a laptop do for you if the battery is dead or doesn’t last long? You need to know how to extend laptop battery life to prevent this from happening.

In some situations, you might find yourself without an outlet to plug your charger into. There might be other times when you forget to bring the charger altogether. Don’t fall victim to either of these situations.

Continue reading below for a few must-know tips on how to keep your laptop’s battery alive for as long as possible. Here’s what you need to know!

  1. Find the Battery-Saver Option

Just like on your phone, your laptop should have a battery-saver option. The battery-saver option is ideal for situations where your laptop is close to dying, but you still need to get a bit more use out of it. Maybe you have an assignment due for work or school, and you have no time to waste.

Go into your laptop’s settings and complete a search for a power saver or battery saver. When you find this setting, you can turn on power saver, or you might have the option to create your own power-saving plan. Either way, enable this feature, and you should get more use out of your laptop than expected.

  1. Change the Settings on Your Screen

The brighter your screen is, the more battery your laptop is using. The brightness on your screen is determined by the screen’s backlight. The backlight uses up a lot of battery and should be dimmed when possible.

To find this setting, you might not even have to go into your laptop’s actual settings. This all depends on the type of laptop you have but in most cases, there should be a button on the keyboard to adjust the screen’s brightness. If you have the buttons on the keyboard, they generally look like small suns.

If you don’t have these buttons, head into the laptop’s settings and search for “screen brightness.” Dim the screen as much as you can while still being able to see it.

  1. Don’t Over Charge It

Overcharging your laptop’s battery can cause it to die quicker. The more you overcharge the battery, the more wear and tear you’re putting on it. Some laptops do have a feature that will prevent the battery from overcharging by stopping the charge once it’s complete.

Not all laptops have this feature, however. Whether your laptop has this feature or not, it’s still a good idea to remove the charger from the laptop once charging is complete. If you have a bad habit of leaving your laptop plugged into its charging source all day long, then it’s time to break the habit.

  1. Shut the Backlights Off

Any backlights that run on your laptop should be shut off for optimal battery life. If you’re not using your laptop in complete darkness, then you most likely don’t need the keyboard backlights on. Most laptops have a function key on the keyboard that you can press to turn this function on or off.

If your laptop doesn’t have this function key, then you also search for it in your settings. You might find this option in the mobility center on your laptop.

  1. Change the Laptop’s Sleep Settings

Sleep mode is another great way to save battery life. Sleep mode is the feature that turns your screen off after a certain amount of time when the laptop isn’t being used. Laptops have options for this feature, and you can decide how long your laptop screen stays “awake” until it falls into sleep mode.

To save more battery, reduce the amount of time your screen is left on without being used before sleep mode kicks in. You can normally choose between 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

  1. Shut Down Wifi and Bluetooth Connections

If you’re not using the WiFi or Bluetooth connections, then why have them on? When not in use, turn both of these features off. Both can drain the battery.

If you don’t have a keyboard function on your laptop for these settings, then head into your laptop’s control panel and turn them off through there.

  1. Complete a Battery Check

It’s also a great idea to keep an eye on your battery’s health on a regular basis. You can go into your laptop’s settings and click on “system” and then “battery.” In this menu, you can see which apps on your laptop are draining the battery the most.

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If there’s a certain app that seems to be using a large amount of the battery’s percentage, then you can choose to have the app shut off and not keep it running in the background. You should do this with any other app that isn’t necessary as well.

If you own a Mac, then be sure to visit to learn how to check the battery’s health.

Learn How to Extend Laptop Battery Life Today!

Having a laptop is convenient, but only when the battery lasts long enough to get you through the day. With these tips handy, you now know how to extend laptop battery life.

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