Hippest ways of promotion in a nutshell

More and more people are starting their own business and all these people want their company to be the biggest. That’s why advertising in a trendy way is more important than ever. Logical, because you want your company to be known. Now there are more and more ways to promote in an interesting way. The nice thing about this is that you can make your company known, in a way that not many other companies use. The important thing is to differentiate yourself from others.

Promotional gift options

There are plenty of options when it comes to promotional gifts. From simple to luxury items and from cheap to sustainable promotional gifts. Yet the choice is not as great as you think the question is “What do you want to achieve with it?”. And for which relationship of which target group does you use these promotional items or not? In addition, you must match your own values ​​and appearance, but it must also be in good taste with the recipient.

Goal 1: I would like to increase the brand awareness of my company.

For this purpose you can choose to distribute promotional items such as printed pens, notebooks, mousepads, or other office supplies, depending of course on your target group. In this case, always choose articles that are practical and will be used often, because a good promotional product is used on average once a day. No expensive advertisement can beat this! A survey of 15,000 respondents shows that 86% received up to 21 different promotional products in a year; this is compared to 2 weeks of TV, print media, and online advertisements. Especially articles that can be used at home in the kitchen area at the top (as well as the office supplies). Other practical and affordable options are lighters, candy boxes, keyrings with shopping cart coins, etc.

Goal 2: Promote new products or boost your sales

Promotional items can also be used if you want to give extra promotion to new services or products. Giving these articles away or incorporating them into a promotion (which you can then share via Social Media) provides extra attention.

Goal 3: Customer loyalty, renew existing contracts or reconnect a contact

If you use a promotional gift to increase loyalty and create a better commitment, it is very important to know what you want to radiate as a company, but also with which gift you can impress your current or new relationship. So ask yourself “Who is my target audience or who are my target audiences?” I advise you to break down the target groups, the gift should strengthen the bond so don’t go wrong with a gift that adds nothing. You can always follow a trend towards this goal and find a product that matches it.

If you are well informed about your target group, you also know what keeps them busy and what you can surprise them with. My tip is as follows, choose a quality product here, pay special attention to the design and functionality, and test it yourself first. It turns out that a large part of the recipients will do business with companies from which they have received promotional items so it is very important that it lasts a long time, 58% use them from 1 to more than 5 years. If your organization enters into many long-term relationships, you can also choose to provide products that match.

What are these hip ways?

An increasingly emerging way of promoting your business is the printing of leaflets. A folder is a foldable card in which you can put a lot of information. It is an easy way to convey a lot of information to someone. The hip thing about it is that you can have folders printed exactly the way you want them to be printed.

Leaflets come in all shapes and sizes. One of the newer variants of leaflets is the z-folders, also called a folding card (translation: vouwkaart). In these z-folders, you can put a lot of information in a handy format folder. The nice thing about this folding card is that it is completely foldable to a pocket-size. For example, you can print a map of a city and hand it out to people or use the folders to promote a campaign.

Another example is that you can print information and a map of your own company on it, so everyone has all the practical information about your company at hand.

Another fun style

Another great way to promote your company is to hand out your own brochures. Brochures are not the same as leaflets, a brochure generally consists of more pages than a brochure. A brochure, therefore, contains more information than a leaflet. Brochures can also be used as magazines or journals.

Leaflets and brochures are appearing at more and more events, for example at festivals. When visitors to festivals want more information about the organization that organizes the festival, they can easily take a leaflet with them.

New materials

Besides the fact that there are hip ways of advertising, more and more new materials are being used. Nowadays you can also print Dibond (translation: Dibond bedrukken). This metallic material is very nice and powerful to use as billboards, displays, or photo products.

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